23 December 2010

office party

It's an office Christmas party!

Don't mention f-o-o-d 
to the former fattie
She might relapse!

A few nuts and a little hot sauce....
Still had tons of carbs.
I could see and taste the sugar!

Still, I got a prize!

They picked a non-food foodie gift just for me!
I count my blessing when I count the people who support me
though this *not-always*easy*
weight-loss journey!

And my boss told me
I actually won the Nurse of The Year!
At my company! Yay! What an honor.

A table-top chalk board
good for office memos
Merry Christmas!

Hope your days are going well
and you know that it's all good!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your office party!!!

  2. Wow! Congratulations on winning Nurse Of The Year.

    I'm thinking you would be an easy choice.Your love for your work and especially your client/patients shines through.


  3. WOW Congrats---Nurse of the Year!!!!!! You should be very proud, you do make a big difference in so many folks' lives---in blogland and in real life too. HUGS!!!

  4. Oof, all those goodies, I am impressed you held back. Wonderful! Congrats on getting Nurse of the Year, that's impressive.
    Hope you try my chocolate peppermint cookies or any of the other low carb goodies on my blog. Please let me know how you like them!

  5. That is super-nurse of the year-what an accomplishment. Too cool.

    Polar's Mom

  6. Merry Christmas Anne! And thank you for sharing your office party. Congrats on winning Nurse of the Year!

  7. I love the first picture of you! Reminds me of me when i see my hair in the morning :)
    Congratulations on winning Nurse of the Year!! You without a doubt deserve it.
    Now back away from the cupcakes!
    Merry Christmas but i'm sure i'll say that again before Christmas day.

  8. Wow! Congrats on the award! You are certainly deserving. I know what you mean by saying you can see and taste the sugar. When I was on lo carb, I had a beer after being on the wagon a couple of months. It tasted like grape juice...so sweet.

    I think I'm going lo carb for the first 2 or 3 weeks of 2011. I may need your help.

  9. Wow, Nurse of the Year! Congratulations!

    Loving your hair in these photos. Uber cool!

  10. Nurse of the year! A celebrity in my mist, OH MY!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS ANNE!!!! Nurse of the year? Awesome :)
    With all that stuff, and you only had some nuts and hot sauce. That is some strong will power!
    Definitely a day to be proud of!!!

  12. Nurse of the Year!!! wow!! Congratulations!

  13. Just wanted to drop in to wish you a merry Christmas but imagine my surprise to find out I am wishing merry christmas to the nurse of the year! So, merry christmas nurse of the year!
    Have a great holiday.

  14. The little staffing company I work for...
    they are the best company in the Universe.
    And they gave me the honorary title!
    Go figure, eh?
    Thanks, everyone!
    Blogs and kisses!

  15. Hurrah for Anne, Nurse of the Year! Congrats!

  16. NURSE OF THE YEAR!!!!! A great big congratulations to you Anne! That's awesome. High Five, Woo-hoo, Yippee. I'm so proud of you.

    xoxoxox jj

  17. hahaha, anne! apparently he keeps a little fiesty "around people in hats and brown people." maybe something happened in the shelter he was adopted from? happy holidays :))))))

    Congrats on the title! I'm also giving you NURSE OF ALEXIA because you nurse me with your kinds words of encouragement.

  18. We fans of the Tripper already knew you were/are Nurse of the Year!!!! And I love the chalkboard table--and the beautiful retro-ornament wrapping paper. Made me feel nostalgic.

    Merry Christmas, be well

  19. Nurse of the Year!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! That is terrific - I am soooo proud of YOU!!!

    Thank you for always putting a smile on my face!! You're terrific!!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. 'Nurse of the year'... what a way to end the year!

  21. So you are a nurse and - nurse of the year! That's pretty cool. And just checked out the sidebar. You need a prize for that weight loss, girl!
    Half of you is gone - for good, I hope! Great before and after pictures.

  22. Voila! So, Anne won Nurse of the year??? How very awesome! I am impressed! and clapping!! Yay! There could hardly be a better honor. :)

  23. The best thing to happen to me -
    maybe in forever.
    I only wish my Dear Mother could have known!


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