14 December 2010

a *weight-loss* loser's christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the kitchen,
The Losers were hung up -
Complaining and bitchin'

The pictures were placed 
On the ice-box with care,
In hopes for some memory
Or Challenge to share!

The Losers were "finished,"
They had hit a "stall,"
And visions of Sugar Bums
Beguiled them all.

When what, to their hungry eyes should appear
But an oversized pizza and cold, frosty beer!

"We know that we shouldn't
We know that we can't
Try eating 'just one treat'....
We'll end up in a rant!

From the back of the shelf
To the top of the scale,
"I just bought this junk food,
Cuz it was ON SALE!"

"Out Cookies! Out Chocolate!
Out Cupcakes and Candy!
Out Munchies, McDonald's
And Sugar, and Brandy!"

So they threw them all out,
And with new-found persistance,
They pondered such theories
As Insulin Resistance...

But I heard them exclaim
As they took out the trash
Happy Holidays to all
And to all a good weigh-in!


Hope your day is Merry and Bright!

With many thinks to the ever kind Loretta
for letting me play along on Toon Tuesday!


  1. Oh can I relate to this, cool poem....big hugs-)

  2. This was so fun... and I could hear the jingle jingle in the background, and the sounds of hoofs on the rooftops, and the ho ho ho... and the ring of the trash can lid as the Junk was being thrown out, LOL!

  3. This was very cute and can be oh so true. take care. hugs.

  4. Ho Ho Ho!
    I hope you are still being good!
    What ever that means!

  5. New found persistence--thats what Im gonna drum up! I liked the 7th pic from the top, made me LOL

  6. Oh not the brandy too!!!!!!!! Say it isn't so!!!!!!!!!!! lol Very cute Anne as always.

  7. Ok arielcircleofnine I had to go back and count the 7th pic from the top just cuz you called it out :)

    I love toon tuesday :)

  8. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODLES and a Christmas poem redo carb tripper style!!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!! I love doodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I got overexcited. This burns calories, yes?

  9. Ohhhh, I love this. I am all for throwing out the junk, especially the edible kind.

  10. Losing weight is the one time we want to a loser. Sometimes it hard to resist the goodies.

  11. Yeah really!
    "Loser" is good.
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Thank you for amusing me once again. :D

  13. Love it! Thanks for the continued inspiration, it ain't easy trying to lose weight during the holidays, we need all the help we can get! :)

  14. Oh wow. It's like this was about me!
    (all the bad parts that is!!! Now I need to throw out all of the junk so the good parts can be about me too!!!!!)
    Great post!


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