19 December 2010

low carbo

Yesterday, I worked with a Nurse I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. Since the Army. First Gulf War.
She said I looked the same. Knew me right away.
Except now the hair.

I thought she knew me from before - 
with the weight loss. Lots of friends don't seem to recognize me.
The put out their hand to introduce themselves,
and their bottom jaw drops down and they say
"Anne, is that you?"
Maybe it was from the magazine?
No, that wasn't it. I was recently featured in a local nursing magazine!
Nothing to do with weight loss.....It was for Nursing!
I'm just a light-weight heavy-weight.
People ask if I had the lapband. Bypass?
I tell them it was the "Low Carbo Diet."

"The Low Carb-o Diet"
Why do you call it 'Low Carbo?'
Because when I tell people it was LoCarb,
 they say "Oh...."

You Tube Video Link
 Jack Lalanne

Just old-fashioned hard stinking work, with no sugar and starches! 
From way back in the day.... Remember? The "Bread Is Fattening" phase?

And speaking of stinking.....People actually have blogged that low-carb 
dieters stink when they work out in the gym! Sheesh!

People know they see results with LC, but they are programmed to want to believe the
idea that cake is good for you. And doing without sweets is somehow bad for you.

And you will die without bread. Just drop dead! Right there in the street.
"Oh, my goodness? What did he die from?"
"Breaditis, ma'am. *sigh*
Needs a sugar lump-ectomy.... stat!"

Lots and lots of high-profile people lose weight
and get lots of national attention...
Losing weight is not always easy, 

no matter what plan you have in mind.

And as always, it's what works for each person.
Just a note: 
It doesn't have to be impossible
Or really even that hard - per se!
But that is another story for another day!

Lots and lots and lots of people lose weight on
LoCarb, and nada - zip !! Low Carb-o strikes again.

And some of these bloggers have lost  WAY over a hundred pounds!
And are keeping it off. No magazine write up.....no biggest loser.....
There's nothing exotic about not eating pie.
We want to believe we can still have the cake, and eat it, too..... but just in moderation, now. Like now suddenly we are endowed with the strength and 
skill to intuitively (there's that word again) know right from wrong..... 
and always chose the best path!

And the fats!
And everyone "knows" the fat intake  
in Atkins is just way too high!

The old "fats make you fat" theory. 
Wanna try a no-fat pie!? Sure!

Ask someone to try a sugar-free pie, 
and see what they say. 

Bet they don't even try it.

We want an easy way. 
Not really giving up too many dear sweet things. Nothing that asks too much of us.
With maximized, quick, and lasting results!

The Far Side
Gary Larson
One of my faves....

One Nurse "friend" looked me in the eye, and said
that I should "know better" than to try Atkins.
Despite how many pounds I have lost.
Thinking smile
Sorry if this sounds snarky.
It's just another opportunity to forgive me.

It's really just an observation about the chronic -
but changing - misconceptions about LoCarb!
About time, eh?

So for all the Rudolphs out there - 
Who could never join in any reindeer games....
LoCarb, or otherwize...

YouTube Video
Roxanne v Rudolph
Er, uh, nose.....
Hope your weekend is wonderful!

All images from google.
Except if they are not.
Well, I guess they are NOW, aren't they!?


  1. Great post, Anne. I don't call my plan a low carb plan but it is. It is high protein, low carb, and low fat plan. People always want to criticize the plans they aren't willing to do themselves. It is sad really.

  2. Ya can't have too many friends of Dorothy can you ?? Odd that you like the witch at all.. Look that one up...

  3. Yep, for me too it was: hello low carb, adios grains. One year ago at Christmas I NEVER would have believed I could weigh about a hundred lbs less on this Christmas, AT MY AGE! (over 50), and not be hungry (I'm satisfied over 90% of the time); I don't have cravings, don't feel obsessed, and I enjoy an amazing increase in stamina.

    The weirdest and sometimes the hardest aspect of my transformation is being treated with respect, and being treated as if I deserve some kindness and consideration. Also, being treated as if I have intelligence and I just might know a thing or two. That. After feeling scorned, judged, and ridiculed, for being obese, I somehow crossed into the realm of *human* by becoming merely overweight. That bothers me. It reminds me to judge not, but to practice compassion for all.


  4. I don't understand the misconceptions around low carbo

    I know they're, (the nay-sayers), there and they caused me a lot of grief. I doubted myself, I doubted my research, I doubted my results. It has taken a major bout of fungal infection to get me back on the tried and true.

    I can eat almost anything but not every day, maybe some things not every week or month and somethings are possibly once a year treats ..... if ever I want to eat them again.

    I love meat and veggies and nothing will change my preferences,

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  5. I used to be one of the Atkins critics. Didn't even know what it really was, just had a faint idea. Didn't stop me from being vocal about how unhealthy I thought it was. Learned my lesson. I get well informed now and don't judge so easily.

    I say cheers to all people who can eat grains and sugar in moderation. Lucky them. I am not that lucky, however, and just as I don't tell them not to eat that stuff I appreciate it when they don't tell me the opposite.

    Oh, and apart from you Dr Bernstein is the only one I heard use the word carbo. You are in good company. :)

  6. It has worked so well for you Anne, you are healthier (and happier) so why should anyone scold you......I love how you have kept it off. I have lost the same 20 pounds at least 10 times......:-)Hugs

  7. You've done so well, Anne. I'm really happy for all of your success. You're a poster child for what low carb can do.

  8. Santa Claus and RudolphDecember 19, 2010 at 5:21 PM

    I guess I don't understand the Wicked thing...
    Are grains wicked?
    Something wicked is afoot!
    You've been good, though!
    What say let's skip the milk -n- cookies this year!

  9. So many people grew up on "Wonder Bread" that it's a wonder that they insist on still eating it. But why they have to give you and Lo Carbs a bad time is a mystery to me. Maybe if you made up some easy to market name for Lo Carbs like "The Chocolate Cake Diet" instead they'd cut you a break... until they realized they can't actually eat chocolate cake :-)
    You're doing a great job. To heck with the rest of them.

    I'll be running around a lot in the next week but I'll stop by when I can. Enjoy the holidays!!!

    xoxo jj

  10. "People" need to get over themselves.
    If it works do it!!
    If you don't like lo carb then don't do low carb, but don't criticise those that do!
    It really annoys me that "people" are so critical of success!

  11. The day is not complete until I read your blog.

  12. Vegetarian reduced carb-lots of fruit and veg, breads and etc on mire of a treat basis. That's the way for me and it feels morally right. My biggest issue with Selma and such is the huge emphasis on meat.

  13. Whoa, my iPhone really autocorrected some of the words in my above post way off! Haha! Mire should be more and Selma was Atkins. LOL.

  14. Now it makes sense!
    I once was a Vegan....
    For many years..... like 12!
    And a Vegetarian for many more.
    Then one day, I simply had to have meat!

  15. Don't get the lo-carb blues! Next time someone says, "you should know better than that," tell them to come back and talk to you when THEY'VE lost as much weight. Until then? La la la la la la la la (I can't hear you) la la la la ...

    There is a diet out there for every type and taste, just like there are human beings! You live in cattle country, so Atkins is practically a religion out there, isn't it? hehehe

    Your last vacation was to chicken country (AR), and the next one is to California ... land of sprouts, avocados and chickpeas. I'm not even sure you can buy beef in California, but there is always tofu! (I've learned to really enjoy that stuff!!)

  16. So so true! "Come back when you've lost as much weight!LOL!" I have a friend who still insist on low fat. She lost over 80 pounds 20 YEARS AGO and gained it ALL BACK PLUS SOME - she still tries her low fat every three months or so (when she gets disgusted with herself). I doubt she will EVER "get it" and go low carb - want to know the sick reason why? She would be acknowledging I know what I'm talking about (which she will NEVER do). She see's herself in competition with me when it comes to weight loss & is ADAMANT she knows EVERYTHING that has to do with weight loss. Oh well, her loss (actually mine - HeHe!!!...get it!!).

    Oh, one more REALLY SAD THING about her: she is "pre diabetic". STILL she refusing to listen to me (bcs of the "competition" thing). Too sad.

  17. Haters.... screw em!!! I am now starting to hear, "oh don't lose any more weight, you will look anorexic"... Sheesh ... yeah right!!! LOL. I fricking weight 140 pounds and I am 5 foot 6 inches tall!!! I smile politely and nod and think .... "whatever, hater!!!"

  18. My favorite anti-lowcarb comment: "it's not healthy to eliminate a food group." since when is sugar and flour a food group?

  19. tis a controversial subject
    what to eat... what not to eat
    how to keep weight down

    changing the inner being
    changing habbits
    changing tastes

    rant on low carbo plan
    defence of self
    an ingrained survival instinct

    love Robin's comment above
    that whole thing about
    being invisible and unworthy

    practice compassion
    for others and for self
    no matter what the food plan

  20. Yeah, PB,
    It feels a little like a rant,
    But I just really wanted to post this cool reindeer video!
    It's easy to get all "attack*defend" about food, eh?

  21. I came by from Wordspaint where I loved the comment you left. I think the low-carb thing is often misunderstood. But, there is low carb and there is low carb. Not all variations of that lifestyle are the same.

  22. I like when my friend gets snarky (:

  23. You know how I feel about locarbo!!! And for me Im totally sold...I spent a year on another low fat/low calorie plan, and so the contrast to this is forefront in my mind!
    Before I was about to get started with LC, I wondered how I'd make my meals and my family's food each night since dinner is almost always homemade. Welp, I found the biggest change is simply that I abstain from the starchy side-dishes. No more reduced fat Pilsbury Grands, no rice-a-roni,no spuds, broccoli instead of corn and no ice cream for dessert (or buying my special "diet ice cream" and regular ice cream for the gang!).
    I say, in diet as in everything--vive la difference! Do what feels right and works for you. We are all on the same journey just different roads to the same destination!

  24. Good post Anne, I say it's all about what works for each of us. I also know that sweets (carbs) were what made me morbidly obese (and sitting on my butt lol). I also know when I eat carbs I want more which will get me right back to where I started from. I say don't let anyone tell you what works, you are proof you already know.

  25. I really enjoyed this post... (naturally, cuz I love Gumby and Pokey) and so many great comments!

    Low carb-oh! Sooo true. And so much misinformation out there, still. Thanks for once again offering the real deal on low carb.

    For someone looking for a way that would work for them, it's great to see it doesn't have to be all complicated and technical. Just simply not eating sugar and starches/white flour will be a great start, and doable. That's how I started, with one simple thought: no sugar or flour. Made it simple. Me... all about simple. ;-)



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