21 December 2010

santa baby

Santa - Is that you?
Have you lost weight?

Ho ho ho!
Yes! And just last summer I was all like
Bumming out, watching tv, not really doing much of anything!

But now, I can go camping at the North Pole
And ride Reindeer, and just generally get around better!


Even the Missus is getting in on it!

"Tsk tsk! No cupcakes for you, Kris Kringle!"

I started paying attention to what I ate...

And no, it's not Reindeer meat!
Just "venison." So don't "worry."

 A little work  out

A little walking

Here's my "before" and "after" shots...
Stunning - I know!

Even the elves are getting into the act!
No more lazy days of hibernation!

Looking good, y'all!

We're gearing up to see Wicked.....
so we wanna look good!

So.... what do you think?
I know this - alot more folks are checking out my packages!
Ho, Ho, Ho, indeed!


Next stop - down the chimney 
to see all the good bloggers!

And thanks, Loretta,
for letting me play along 
on Toon Tuesday!

*all pics were doodled on my cell phone*

Happy Holidays, Y'all!


  1. Happy Holidays to you too! I can't believe we are a decade into the 21st century! Crazy how time flies!

  2. Great job! Go Santa!

    Happy Holidays, Anne :)

  3. Oh, this was sooo ho ho ho funny! I'm sitting here belly laughing out loud, hoping I don't wake Jim!
    My favs were the hysterically funny reindeer, and Santa's before and after "shots".
    I'm still laughing!!

  4. Santa Claus Rocks Da HouseDecember 21, 2010 at 7:12 AM

    Ho Ho Ho! Nicely done!
    Up here in the North Pole, it's easy to go Low Carb!
    Except for all the milk and cookies.
    But it's just "one night," right?
    I've even cut down on those!

  5. I am loving Santa's highwater gym pants and red sneakers! I was sporting that look yesterday. really. My ankles froze when I unexpectedly had to join Odin in the backyard! :-D

  6. Another wonderful Toon Tuesday.

    I'm starting to like Tuesday more than ever!

    Low Carb Santa Rocks!

  7. Wicked!!!!! I'm doing my best to lose some weight before we go.
    You've done fantastic. Congratulations, my friend.

  8. ho ho ho!! Santa's looking GOOD!!! hahhahaha!! loved this!

  9. What a hot looking santa *smile*. Love your doodles!!!

  10. Oh, my gosh! Too cute! So funny! I can't believe you did that on your cell phone! Thanks for the smile. :)

  11. Thanks for the smile. I especially loved the Wicked one! Happy Holidays right back at cha.

  12. Love today's post, Anne. It brought a smile to my weary face. :) Your doodles are inspired. You should do them more often!

  13. More doodles. I'm in heaven! I cracked up, thanks, A. And it's so much easier going down chimneys now. Do they leave out low-carb cocoa instead of milk and cookies for you now? :D

  14. OLIVE - The "Other" ReindeerDecember 21, 2010 at 3:39 PM

    See ya soon!
    You SLEIGH me!!

  15. Is there no end to your talent's?
    So funny, I love them all.
    You area rea;l Christmas Cracker xxx

  16. lol packages. You're being a great role model, Santa. :D

  17. No cup cakes for Kris? Just doesnt seem right!

  18. Love this! Great job doing doodles on your phone. I can't imagine how!

  19. ROFLOL ... "Santa, is that you? Have you lost weight?" LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL ...

  20. You are absolutely the best for spreading Holiday Cheer!!


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