27 December 2010

monster sub

I reconstructed some of the yummy and oh-so-good for ya
supplements in my beloved Monster LoCarb Energy Drink....

Taurine (link)
and Ginseng (link)
and even some Eleutherococcus Senticosus (and, link)
so-called Siberian Ginseng.

And left out, of course, the 
Guarana (lots o' links)
and caffeine @ 10mg/oz
In other words, 600mg w whole lot!

The herbs in the ginseng family are "adaptogens," 
which claim to help you adapt.
When I went to basic training, the only things I took 
with me was Ginseng, Arnica, and Aconite.

I loved homeopathy at the time.
And was also a Vegan.
Then, later a Vegetarian, for many, many years.
But that's another story for another day.

I'm never good at setting goals...
I never was. And I'm even worse now.
But if I had a goal, it would be to continue with the 
"fitness" part of my weigh-loss journey.

And now that I have the caffeine consumption down to a 
manageable level, I can work a little harder on that.
It just sneaks up on ya, it do.
I'm holding steady at about 100mg a day.
I like the Yerba Mate, too.
2 cups of tea - no Coffee, no Monsters.

By the way, one cup of coffee has 100 - 150 mg of caffeine.

May 09 and May 10
In March 2011 it will have been 2 years
since I started LoCarbing. My weight 
is staying within the same range for the past 
few months. But my body shape has changed.
ALOT!  Guess I've got some settling-in to do!
Hope your Week is going great,
and your Year is ending with a bang!
But not the kind that give you a headache!


  1. I had to pick up some Rock Star today and thought about you.

    You have certainly done well with low carbing. You look like a different person. Bet you feel like it too!

  2. I'm started lo-carbing today. Again. Can't keep ingesting poison...I literally feel it sucking my life away. I'll be picking your brain - get ready!

  3. I'm so hopelessly behind on blog reading. I buried my head in the sand. Hope your holidays were lovely.

    I gave up caffeine months ago because my body started reacting to it. It heightend my anxiety and was awful. I do drink decaf coffee which does have some caffeine, and I do drink a diet Sierra Mist now and again, but I haven't had a Diet Pepsi in months. Never thought that was possible. Good going on your quest.

  4. :)))))))))))) for less caffeine, anne!! i'm glad you've found a healthier sub.

  5. I would never have known it was you! You look wonderful! Even though you probably have a raging headache! Ginseng is good, though. Right? A Sub sub.

  6. You're an inspiration, you know that? It's remarkable!!! I am impressed with your new concoction. :) You can!

  7. PS - I checked out these links... these things wold be good for anyone who was trying to get healthy. Ginseng has been around for years! Good research!


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