08 December 2010

roasting and boasting

Did you know you can "roast"  vegetables in a pan?
Sure you did.

Almost any thing works - 

These are called "Brussels Sprouts."
They are a veggie!

They are not really from Brussels...
They are not really a sprout...
Go figure....

Add Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, 
and spices, girl!

Pretty soon it starts to cook.


Hmmm. Wish you could smell it cooking here....

Cover it with a lid or some foil
Cook on a low temp until it's done

You'll want more and more of this...

It's what's inside that counts...
The package is just a picture of what is inside!

It's good to remember that as we go through life!
And not just with frozen veggies!

It's what's inside that counts with all of us...

By the way, the serving size on these is 6 sprouts.
Not half a package.
Who among us hasn't eaten at least that many
during the cooking - while standing at the stove?
Just sayin'......

Hope your day is going greatly!


  1. 6 sprouts wouldn't even be an appetizer!! I LOVE sprouts :)

  2. Just about any veggie roasted is my favorite way to have them these days. Something about roasting intensifies whatever is good about the veggie.

    BUT, I never knew it could be done on a stove top. Great idea!

  3. I love, love, love sprouts!! Thanks for the recipe!

  4. I oven roast veggies all the time. This sounds like a must try. Will report back.

  5. Whoa! That was pretty deep.

    And I lurve my roasted veggies.

  6. Very Deep, and TRUE!

    I don't like brussels sprouts, but I've never had them roasted. Sounds good!

    I just caught up on all the great posts I missed! So full of info and insight... and of course fun :)

  7. oh my favorite, I even have a bag of the same brand in my freezer right now. No santa hat though :(

  8. I have never roasted veggies in the oven or on the stove top, but I'm gong to tonight! They look yummy! And I love the Santa hat. You have it sitting at just the right angle!

  9. I will try this, thislooks good!! cause me and brussle sprouts .....we haven't really come to an understanding yet.... I haven't figured out how to cook them

  10. Those look so good! I love brussels sprouts but have never tried them like that.

  11. Mmmm. I love roasted veggies.

  12. Delicious! I never thought of adding spices -- I usually cheat a bit and roast them in garlic and olive oil. Spices would be much lighter calorie than olive oil and probably better flavor too. By the way, your rail push ups are...WOW! You must have super upper body strength.

  13. Hey, plastic is NOT low carb ... put that down!


    I love roasted veggies, and I love brussels sprouts too, but I've never had them roasted ... hmmmm, Thursday's dinner?

  14. Looks good, now I was checking your fitness post, I am amazed that you can do those pushups. I am not worthy Queen Anne. My gosh even standing up. anyway you make me want to get my act together. awesome.

  15. Okay, I can eat a host of veggies and greens, but the Princess doesn't do brussel sprouts. I tried. I really did. But...eek. No.

  16. My favourite veggie by far. It's amazing how all veggies taste better roasted.

  17. I can't eat brussels sprouts any other way. They are so good that way.

  18. roasted yeah...it changes the taste entirely. so yummy..never tried on stove top.

    came home too late to eat dinner. poured myself a glass of wine so I can crash and go straight to bed. I shouldn't even be telling you this stuff with your discipline and all. It's the red pill tonight and push ups in the morning :)...and giving up caffeine ...forget about it!

  19. the only way I've ever
    been able to eat brussel sprouts
    is with LOTS and LOTS
    and LOTS
    of butter

    even then
    they're iffy

    my neighbor grows them
    offers me some from time to time
    maybe next time
    I'll say yes
    and try your approach

    almost any other veg(s) in the pan
    will do just fine

  20. Nummers - I didn't know you could do this stovetop! And I may be weird, but I don't limit my veggies to serving sizes (unless it's corn or potatoes).

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE sprouts...and I always want to eat more than 6!

  22. I don't like brussel sprouts but I must admit those look good.


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