13 December 2010

chai wallah

Cloves and Cardamon

Cinnamon - this is ceylon
also known as "true cinnamon"

*some people take this kind of cinnamon 
every day to help with insulin levels....*

Add milk, sweetener, ginger if you like it.....

Made a little Chai Coffee
You can also make tea!
It smells sooo good up in here right about now, y'all!

Went to an Indian Food Store -
There are many, many in Dallas metroplex

Every kind of spice, and nuts and fruits

Tons of rice, for those so inclined
I shopped here, when I was a Vegan 
*for many years I was Vegan, then vegetarian*

Creamy Snuff and Ghee...
Ghee is clarified butter - good for cooking

Every kind of incense...
I bought one called "Frank Incense!"

Almost like a restaurant supply store in there

Very  pretty day! I also got Jasmine Green Tea...
The prices are so good in this store... 
Just a few dollars for everything I got....

I love living in a city that is diversified!
Hope your day is great - and you are warm and cozy!


  1. Now I'm craving Indian food. :-) Have you tried green cardamom pods? I could just chew on them by themselves.

  2. I used to live in a diverse city. Now I live in NW Ohio where the closest thing to ethnic anything is Tractor Supply Company. *sigh*

  3. Ghee, GREAT store ... wish we had one of those nearby.

    You do love that caffeine, Anne. Doesn't it keep you up at night?

    Tractor Supply Company! LOL THAT was funny!!

  4. Ann - yes, sometimes, it does keep me up at night.
    Such a cruel mistress is this Caffeine!
    But I'm making every effort to cut way back....

  5. I love going to International grocery stores, they have the neatest stuff.

  6. I can almost smell the lovely spices... Mmmmmm ♥

  7. We have a lot of international stores here which i love going to.
    I love chai tea, i've never tried it with coffee though.

  8. I've been saying for a few days now i gotta buy me some green tea (finished what I had a while back).

    Decaf: Never used to drink it really. But as I got older, and now that I'm in the challenge and want to count my beverages. I invested in yummy ones. I just have caffeine coffee for breakfast, then hit the decaf for lunch/dinner/later/whenever afte 6pm. They have good ones now, not like the Sanka and crap of my youth. Those were awful. :)

    Chai is GREAT. Oh man, with some steamed milk...oooooo

  9. the only Chai I have ever had was a Starbuck's, is that even a real Chai experience??

  10. I would have loved going there with ya. I've never been to an indian food store. Ahhh Ghee I think it's double the calories of butter lol. But ohhhh so yummy. I love spices too.

  11. What a wonderful looking store - would absolutely LOVE shopping there! Lucky YOU!!!

  12. I love Indian food, and we have a number of Indian restaurants and stores in our area. My favorite dish is tandoori chicken. (Oh, and Indian rice pudding, which I try to avoid, because I could eat about 4 bowls without even blinking.)

    Right now I'm drinking Yogi Ginger tea (for digestion) with a little soy milk and honey (or you could use splenda). It's VERY spicy and satisfying.

  13. Anne, does cinnamon help with blood sugar levels, could one take less insulin? Just curious as I didn't know about this....:-)Hugs

  14. Ooh, I love going to international stores! They have some of the freshest and most unique ingredients! Thanks for posting a pic of Ghee. I knew what it was but have never seen it before. Great pics!

  15. Now I need to hunt down and buy some Ceylon!! The "Creamy Snuff" has my curiosity piqued haha! What the heck IS it?
    I also love frankincense! And Chai!

  16. I love indian foods and Indian grocery stores and I live in NE Ohio. There's a ton here. Besides the food, I get the vatika brand hair oil and soaps. Really great stuff!


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