09 December 2010

something more comfortable

I went to Brazil 2 years ago.
That's when I went to WalMart, and stayed in the dressing room,
Cuz I could never imagine that I was 
so a big as to wear a size 24W.
Plus, trying to learn Portuguese in one week!

So last week, I go shopping at like, 10pm!
I need to have some nice clothes for that
"just in case" occasion.

 "Just My Size" was Just Last Year!
I bought some really nice little Mediums 8-10 petite pants.
The tops are still a "XL" in some sizes - a "L" in others.

Such nice comfy textures and patterns!
I'm getting tired of being a slob. omg!

When I say I wore a 2X, that was in scrubs.
In scrubs, I am almost ready for a small.
I'm only 5'2" - no "wiggle room!"
The mediums are a little roomy 
cuz I can't stand to have clothes touch me.
That will take a little getting used to.

They fitting room ladies set me up but good.
Until now, my only outfits were just sweats and scrubs. 
Work stuff, and work-out stuff.

I got some leggings. And socks and even gloves. 
I don't even have a winter coat.  One that actually fits. 
And a little scarf. 

And some kind of new thermal product called Warmwear.
And I quote: "A Versatile soft layer wicks moisture 
to keep you warm and dry indoors and out."

I am not a ClothesHorse.
But I am so happy about the cool new clothes!

I keep a back-up set of "almost" everything packed
and ready to go at a moments notice!
Cuz ya just never know!
Hope you are well, and happy!


  1. Good for you, Anne. I could feel what you felt in that dressing room--I've been there too. I'm so happy that you are past that stage, and shopping will now be a much more pleasant experience. We women deserve to enjoy our shopping adventures! Job well done!

  2. Well, I can still wear some 24s...sniff, sniff. I just remind myself I was once wearing 30/32 and I feel better, though. :)

    Here's to the day I fit a regular, boring L. :D

    It is cheering to get new stuff. Even if it's just a bra and panties, new stuff to wear is ...comforting....

  3. Love this post and your new clothes! Great idea to have a "moment's notice" bag. Always ready for an adventure!

  4. Good. A lady should have more than scrubs and sweats for those nights out on the town. Or to see Wicked! :D

  5. I love your new cute clothes.

  6. I love your new clothes. And since I am very partial to scarves and pashminas, I especially like your new scarf! Good for you for treating yourself well!

  7. Doesn't it feel great to see those 8's, 10's and M's. But, thermal wear in Texas????

  8. Oh hells yeah!
    I am darn cold all. the. time
    since I lost my layers of "insulation!"

  9. I like the way you think - you never know when you will need a nice outfit, and now that you look so good in clothes, you HAVE to have one (or three!).

    I need to check out those thermals - I'm like you, freezing all the time now.

  10. I would love to see you IN the new clothes *smile*. All look great!

  11. Great post, and beautiful new clothes!! Congrats on the smaller sizes!!

  12. Ha - I looked at the first photo, before reading anything, and thought, "That must be Anne's mom or aunt" ... oops.

    You were once a 24W, and I can't wait to get DOWN to that! LOL I'm working on it. Thanks again for all your work, Anne. The comparison photos for my main page and the "my progress" page are now posted. I've also posted the brand new "progression photo" page. I figure you are save from another round for a good 3-4 months. Rest up ...


  13. I got more 'fashionable' when I shrunk, too. Now I'm down right picky. Looks like someone got a great Christmas haul! I just bought leggings, too. :-O Yaaay Anne! You'll have to model an outfit or two for us some time soon.

  14. awesome post...i love shopping! and I love how you said, "Just my Size was just last year" OH YEAH!!!!
    PS. I also have my eye on that grey thermal pictured--walmart methinks!? they have them in several colors and I have been coveting them. Ofcourse, this IS new york in winter hehehe
    Enjoy your new threads mamacita!

  15. OH and I meant to tell you I cooked some sprouts and cauliflower on the stovetop last night ala-yesterday's blog post. DELICIOUS! *I also ate more than "1 serving" :-D

  16. Oh Gawd if I could count how many times I've been in tears while in a dressing room-ugh! Such sad times. I am happy to report I haven't had to shed those tears in lil' while now! In fact, the last couple times I went, it was soooo exciting!!! I can't believe this is actually working...and I'm so satisfied. When I'm not satisfied, I find that just a lil' of whatever takes the edge off and does not pull me into a tailspin of over indulgence. I have to admit, having the diabetes "helps" me. I dont' want to take insulin, so this is the way it is for me...for life.

    Enjoy the new threads!!

  17. for a gal who's 5 ft 2
    you stand mighty tall

    isn't it odder than odd
    that a person can wear
    size 24W tops
    and still be invisible

    what was the straw
    that reversed your path?

  18. PB interestingly enough,
    I stumbled into weight-loss...
    Of course, I wasn't really happy with my body...
    But I had no plans what-so-ever to do anything about it.
    Then one fateful, FAT-full day,
    I got stuck in that snow-storm....
    And 20 months later - here I am!


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