30 December 2010

an army day

I was at work this week,
Out of town again.
I was at a Veterans Facility
Taking care of my own people.

Walking down the hall, 
I turned around and literally ran into a guy.
A young guy.
In a wheelchair.
A double amputee.
I almost landed on his lap -
If he had one, that is.

I was more shocked than he was....
But he never missed a beat.
He said - "Well, Hi There! May I have this dance?"

So we got to talking.
He said he just lost over 100 pounds!
After the bomb. After the surgery.
I asked if it was on purpose.
Yes! He was beaming!
I asked him how he did it.
He said he "gave up dieting!"

And what's more, as he made
his way down the hall,
He was singing! Singing and pushing
his wheelchair.

I am sure learning that
it always could be worse!

Hope your day is wonderful!
Looking forward to a great new year!


  1. True story!
    But that picture is a google picture...
    Not the real guy.

  2. Put's it all into perspective...

    Polar's Mom

  3. makes me proud to be part of that community! thanks for sharing that post :)

  4. Totally a perspective check!! I think we spend too much time obsessing over junk in the trunk rather than loving ourselves, junk and all. Bottom line. Glad to see you!!!

  5. Wow that really does say it all! They really do inspire.
    I'm also glad they have someone like you when they need help. Thank you
    Missed you kiddo, glad your back.

  6. What a great attitude he has! That is so inspiring!

  7. AWESOME story! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Now that story will snap things into perspective in a quick hurry! Thank you sore sharing it.

  9. Great story. When I feel bad about my lot in life, I stop and think how truly blessed I really am. Thanks for helping me remember that today.

  10. Snap back to reality. That puts life in perspective. We should all be thankful for and to these men and women who protect us and out country.


  11. Wow!
    Lesson Learned.
    Thanks for this post.
    And onward to the New Year!

  12. Made me tear up, yes things sure could be worse. What a great guy! We do need to count our blessings in our lives, thanks for reminding me Anne.

  13. Thanks for always making us think, Anne. Love your real life stories.

  14. Nothing like perspective, is there? Forward.

  15. People like that brave man always both humble me and inspire me. Makes me not want to be a spoiled brat.

    Thanks for sharing that story, Anne. It touched me.

  16. Thanks for this, Anne. Love perspective, and love you!

  17. What an inspiration this young man is, we could all learn from him. Thank you for sharing Anne,
    Happy New Year,........:-)hugs

  18. That's a wonderful story!! We all need to never forget that dieting is NOT the path to weight loss or health.

  19. Great story, Anne. The universe keeps speaking if we care to hear. Huh?

  20. I would leap up and down and say, "Let's dance!!" :) What a cute story! This guy is going to stay in my prayers. How are you doing now?? My update?

  21. Hope the migraine is better, Anne. I have them sometimes and they are not fun.

    What a great post, so very inspirational.

    And er, sorry for the rogue backlink below...honestly, if I could control it I would, but I have magical internetz backlinking abilities that I haven't quite mastered...

  22. Wow. It really does put things in perspective. My scale showed a gain (water weight & hormones) and I freaked out today. Then this comes along. At least I can STAND on my scale.

    I appreciate everything these guys (and ladies) go through. I have a dear friend who was shot over there. He has had a couple of knee surgeries. Young guy. In his 30s. It breaks my heart.

    Good job, Anne.

  23. Big sigh. That is very inspiring Anne, and a perfect reminder to live in the moment and enjoy what you have.
    xo jj

  24. So insightful! If we choose a plan with which we can not live forever - we will fail.

    In it here for the long haul . . .

  25. wow that puts things into perspective right quick!!

  26. This post left my Spirit dancing with Gratitude.

    Night Night Anne

    Sweet Dreams

  27. Incredible post! Thank you for this! I just love the messages you give... Thank you!

  28. Whenever you're feeling a bit down, you can just ask yourself, "May I have this dance?" You'll think of this singing young man and feel many levels of gratitude.

  29. What a great story! Thank you for sharing it. Happy New Year!

  30. Really puts things into perspective. Thanks for sharing this!!!


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