04 December 2010

fit day

Have you tried Fit Day?

It's a pretty useful, easy-to-use, and free
software program for tracking stuff.
Stuff like diet and work-outs.

Just in case you never knew.
I mean, I KNEW, but I didn't really KNOW!
Ya know?
Well, now I'm a real fan.
Especially helpful because it caters to my
OCD need for graphs and charts.
To Quantify data in the absence of real progress.
Or learning. Or maybe documents actual progress.

So, I've adjusted my diet and found that
nuts might be the culprit in my recent abdominal pain. 
Wimp Nurse that I am, I thought the worst!

Appears I can't overindulge in tons and tons
of nuts anymore. Either that, or I would have to actually
chew them, instead of swallowing as many as possible
all at once. Like a dying person craves air.

There's actually a list:
Less Cheese, Canadian Whiskey, less nuts and peanuts,
less fats, less this, less that, all kinds of things.

Recently, I wrote about ADF
Alternate Day Fasting.....

This is more like pseudo-fasting....
Or just Very Low Calorie Intake
One small meal a day  - the rest water,
broth, clear liquids with very few calories.

Even a few bites of something can quickly 
add up to a few hundred calories!

I was having problems with my diet, so I adjusted 
my diet, and the problems went away! Go figure!

Then after a full day of water fasting, 
I suddenly felt "goofy" - more goofier than usual!
So I took my blood sugar. It wasn't low...
It was high! 130! Fasting....


But that was just a one time event....
Hope you are having a great day!
Not too slow - not too "fast!"


  1. My day is going to be nuts - hahahahaha! Really I can't eat too many nuts either anymore. I hate that I seem to be developing "age" related food issues.

    FitDay was the very first online tracking program I ever used. A few years ago I switch to Sparkpeople, mostly because of the recipe calculator. But FitDay is an excellent program for sure.

  2. Apropos.... Nuts are doing in my favorite Nut...
    Love dat....Smile

  3. I have no patience for counting and measuring, so I am doomed to not having an idea of how many calories I consume a day. It changes a lot from day to day, anyway. I don't care much about calories, I think it's much more about quality and when I get that right the body takes care of calories instinctively.

    But explain this to me. How is it alternate day fasting when you are eating approximately the same amount of foods each day? Shouldn't it be, very low/none one day then high the other, then low again? Not trying to be a smart-ass, I am genuinely curious about that.

  4. Makes sense. What we eat is what goes through the colon. Each body is different and different foods are received according to the individual bodies. For me, I have never been able to eat bananas or cantaloupe. I like bananas so much and try to eat small pieces of banana with other things and sometimes I can eat it okay. But other times my stomach will burn all day. Glad you were able to determine the nuts were causing your problems.

  5. Floriana - Yes!
    This is much more of consecutive Very Low Calorie days...

    My fasting and ADF fasting days are much much more
    work related.... some days at work I don't have a chance to eat.
    So I change up and call it a fasting day.
    Or at lest Intermittent Fasting Day!

    It's not very clear.... I should work on that!
    Sorry about that, eh?

  6. Thanks for clearing that up, Anne. I get it now. No need for apologies. I am nitpicking too much. I figure I might need that down the road, so I want to know as much as possible.

    Oh, and speaking of foods we can't eat - it's avocados and kiwi fruit for me. Even the smallest amounts give me horrible stomach pain. I'd rather live without them than with that pain, gladly.

    Have a great weekend :)

  7. I'm still hung up on the nettrition order post :)...you are tagged, read my blog...:)

  8. I like the new santa look...shaving that beard took years off of you!

    Smile Santa you look Marvelous.

    Hey did you get to go to Jersey?

  9. Great idea, Anne! I used Fitday all the time. I downloaded the PC version though so I can still log my food even if I can't get on the internet. It was about 30 bucks but it has been worth it. I've had it for almost 3 years now and love it.

  10. I love your mentioning a need or love for graphs and charts. They're fantastic for displaying information.

  11. Whether FitDay or the SparkPeople tracker or any of those great free tools (both those are better than the WW etool one you pay for, trust me) are so useful. Every person with a lot of weight to lose should use them to learn. Amazing tools.

    And that pic with the Santa hat and beard---my first guffaw today! Thanks, sweetums.

  12. Ah, I do love me some charts and graphs!

  13. I was wondering about the alternate day fasting too....at one point in time my brilliant idea to lose weight was to eat one meal a day. SO, i would starve all day long and then make a delicious dinner. I figured even if I ate till I felt like I was gonna pop, it was less calories than if I had eaten through-out the day. *sigh*
    I have to try and limit my nut intake too, just a little each day or every other day. They are real easy to inhale--you're right!!!
    Hope you dont have a bald spot from the chinese santa hat! xoxox

  14. I love fitday, it's great for adding up recipe ingredients too for recipes.

    I love nuts but probably need to watch them better too.

    I think I'd be crazy on 600 calories a day sounds like the day before my cat scan you know where you have to drink the yucky chalk stuff and take stool softeners lol. Oh goodness I'm talking about poop now see what you've done to me lol.


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