23 December 2010

one less bite

(my homage to the wikipedia banner)

Hey, Anne H!
I am thinking about going LoCarb.
Just to see if it might be OK.

Did I say "Low" Carb?
Well, I mean, actually 

I don't want to be one of those 
goofy low-carb bloggers, eh?

How do I start, then?
What is a good plan??

Maybe start by reading a ton of books?
That's how I start most life-changing projects!
Or maybe a ton of blogs???
Which blogs - where - what - who?

Is there a Low-Carb "Package?"
A group? Something to buy?
Some membership drive?

OK -  Why not try this:
Just cut back on sugar, and the sweet tooth!

We really don't need so much junk and sugar.
And "save" the carbs for 
veggies and things that "count!"

Also maybe watch the flour intake.
Maybe just cut back a little there, too!?

And don't worry if you are doing it "RIGHT."
Let's not make it more complex than it has to be!

Just watch what (exactly what) we eat
and see if it helps - or hinders -
our weight loss goals......

And the cravings!
Most people on LoCarb don't have those
awful, constant cravings.

Most people  eventually come to the conclusion 
that they have to cut back some of  the carbs,
to cut the pounds off.

One way or another.
The sweet ones, and the starchy ones.
Or slow, or the fast.

So what are you saying -
I can never have bread again????
(I can't do that - Forget this!)

That's not the plan at all!
It's not about all-or-nothing thinking.

Low Carb eating is not just eating beef jerky, 
hard-boiled eggs, and cheese cubes for the rest of your life.
Maybe live in a cave and go Paleo!

But just this: maybe a little question
can be raised - as they say -

What could it hurt to try!?
One less cake is a good place to start....
Me - I don't even buy them anymore!

Thanks for reading!
Hope your day is merry and bright!


  1. Beautiful pictures and great advice. Love it! :)

  2. "Let's not make it more complex than it has to be!"

    hee hee low carb talk :)

  3. Love this, Anne. Moderation, right? Veggies, fruits, whole grains, protein.

    For the most part, sugar = get fat and feel like crap. Seems like a great place to start!

    Merry Christmas, friend!

  4. Some people honestly don't know anything about low carbing. They can understand cutting back on sugar but they can still get excess carbs because they don't know that carbs are sugar. Low carbing has been part of my life for almost 16 years. I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1995 and have counted carbs ever since. Once you learn to read labels and know what your particular limits should be there isn't much to it other than sticking to plan. My diabetes is gone since my surgery but I don't want to go there again, so I am still counting those carbs.

  5. Hi Anne!!! Im going to have a big spoonful of fage yogurt and berries with my flax muffin this morning--see see part of my letting more foods into my cave!! I love your food collage, its makin me hungry :-D

  6. I love low carb! This morning we're having bacon (ran out of eggs) and "Spongebob Bread" (which we alter a bit to taste like banana nut (we use walnuts) bread: Sooooo good slathered in butter! Oh, the carb count is so low...I think approx 3 per slice (nice, big slices)..and each slice has the same amount of fiber :)

    The options in low carb eating ARE endless.

  7. :) the simpler the better!! I find i have absolutely no cravings when i watch my carbs. I still eat some just not the simple carbs :)

  8. Sometimes I refer to it as "good" carbs. But then I get the people that don't like labeling foods as good or bad. Sigh.

  9. This is a very very good post. So often, people criticize various eating plans as extreme (often true). But you've portrayed lower carb eating in a very healthy, sane manner. It's more about cutting out the sweets, cutting back on excess flour, and increasing vegetables. That sounds like clean, healthy eating!

  10. Loved the pictures. You know that's exactly where I started, cut out the sweets.

  11. Ho Ho Ho -
    I love this -
    But now what to do with all those Candy Canes!?

  12. Hey Santa commented on your blog!!!?! COOL. That makes you way cooler than a lot of us!

    Those pictures are beautiful, Anne! :) Is there pizza avoiding advice in here too? Sigh. I'll try for one more day. Snail's pace wins, right?


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