31 December 2010

ripples going out

A very excellent Hospice Teaching example 
is one of the ripple of water.

Like when you drop something into water.
The ripples go out. Of course.

But when a person is deep into their own issues,
The ripples tend to go back in, so to speak.

They lose interest in world events.
Then, they lose interest in national events.
Soon, the ripples get smaller - going inward.

They don't care what happens in the state...
In the city..... in the neighborhood.

All too soon it starts to get personal.
Now they don't care what goes on in the house.
Or in the next room.

Eventually, the only thing they are concerned about
is what goes on, right in their bed.
Right inside their own skin.

Conversely, when a person starts to get "better"
They start to notice things again.

Flowers, and clouds, and things that are right within 
their once - limited line of sight.

And maybe they take an interest again 
in the way they look.
Maybe they have enough energy to spare, 
to concentrate on something other than just
putting out emotional fires.

Maybe the future doesn't have to be a source of fear.
Or the past, a source of shame.

Somewhere between "puppies and kitties,"
And "eff the world."
F as in "feed."

Click the picture for a link to the YouTube video!

Hope you are having a great day
And looking forward to a great year!


  1. Awww, puppies and kittens. I'll take that any day of the week.

  2. Very interesting and wonderful post! Thank you! But.... Where do the ripples on my thighs factor in???

  3. Unicorn world where I get to have pale lavendar hair . Right with ya exactly on this one today..thinking along the same lines but not writing as well..Happy New YEAR

  4. Superb post.
    Superb lady.

    Have a New Year as wonderful as YOU!!



  5. we hold a big key in our hands
    sometimes we lock ourselves up
    sometimes we open the doors
    ripples in ever-wider circles outward
    or a whirlpool converging inward
    somewhere between we seek balance
    in a unicorn planet

  6. yup. That is the way it happened with me...first me, then my body, then my appearance, then my house, my yard, then my daughter's girlscout troop and then handing out food to the homeless.
    weird. Great post.

  7. I hadn't heard it compared to ripples, but it's true. I clearly remember how my world had shrunk when I was 460 pounds. The bigger I got, the smaller my "world" became.

    It got so that I was essentially a shut-in, and would close the mini-blinds... and they stayed closed for weeks on end. I wouldn't answer the door... the phone. My whole world was inside an old 10 x 55 mobile home.

    Then, slowly, it reversed. As I got smaller, my world got bigger. I opened the blinds... answered the door, the phone. Ventured out and started Living again. I had hope again.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. It makes me feel grateful.


  8. wonderful post, I like the ripples, may we all live the very best of life. hugs.

  9. I'm in a hurry with loads of reading to catch up so wasn't going to make any comments but.......

    This is exactly what's been happening to me and I didn't realise how serious it is until now. I've just posted about how I'm not myself, haven't been for a very long time and now I know. Something happened and I let the ripples turn backwards. Time to change.

    Thanks for helping me see clearly.


  10. And isn't it wonderful when the ripple effect appears when we make positive changes? I've noticed several times that the positive changes I've made in my own life have influenced others to make positive changes in theirs. It's a wonderful feeling... rather humbling I think.

  11. Just reading your post put ripples on either side of my mouth, as it curved upward.

    All the best in 2011, Anne.

    I enjoyed your post, but the unicorn picture is a little creepy looking. They all look like zombie unicorns ...

  12. This is a perfect description of the going into and healing from depression. For someone with my disorder though, the progression and healing can take place within the space of minutes rather than days or weeks. I couldn't have descrined my struggle better.

  13. I am the water
    I am the rock
    I am the ripple

    I am the words
    You are the Tune
    Play me

    A little off Key?
    Just Right!

  14. <3 Definitely causing me to ponder some things...
    Hope you have an awesome Friday, and a Happy New Years eve!

  15. Anne, I want to wish you a wonderful 2011. Thanks so much for all of your supportive comments and posts!


  16. So true. There were weeks when I wouldn't even look in the mirror because I hated myself. Everything was locked up tight inside. Slowing coming out of my shell again.

    Unicorns and rainbows!!! They sell canned unicorn meat at ThinkGeek.com Just in case you're ever in the market. I'm serious. :)

  17. Wow, you hit that nail on that head, sister. Love the post.

    Polar's Mom

  18. Beautiful and very touching.
    What an wonderful way to see the world.
    Here's to absent friends and fallen bloggers.

  19. I read this and I could see myself in the words. Deep into my issues. That's me, even now, although I am improving, I am working on it. I am between being positive about the future and still ashamed about the past.

    Such an insightful post, Anne. Thanks!

    Wishing you a very happy New Year :)

  20. Been thinking on this all day! Happy New Year!

  21. So much of what you say makes so much sense. You're wise. I like. :)

  22. p.s. happy new year!!!!! Big hug. :)


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