15 December 2010

christmas count down

Don't Shoot Yer Eye Out! 

You Tube Video

Around town

Bikey the Snow Man....

Needs a Christmas Dog, maybe?
Hope you stay warm and cuddly cozy!


  1. That fireplace is just GORGEOUS!

  2. What lovely photos!! Thank you so much for sharing - getting us in the Christmas Spirit!!

  3. Toy soldiers! That reminded me... I haven't seen The Nutcracker this year yet.
    I especially liked the sleeping angels. :-)

  4. What a great Christmas collection. I especially enjoyed seeing Bikey the Snow Man. Thanks for spreading the holiday joy :)

  5. Pretty! And the decorations are nice too ...


  6. A purple BB Gun. For the little boy that will grow up skipping down the road, as he takes aim at the fat kid calling him a Fag... Merry Kwanzaa y'all..

  7. Or pink for little Texan girls!

  8. "Don't shoot yer eye out!"
    Ha! I never get tired of that movie :)
    Now I'm off to catch up with all of your great post I've missed! I am freezing... and a little grumpy... but I know they will make me smile! :)

  9. I want to shoot my eye out with an orange one! I actually had a bb gun when I was a little country girl. I shot at a bird that was sitting in a distant tree and it amazed the heck out of me when that bird immediately fell off his branch. It amazed me even more when my beloved cat rushed past me, dashed across the yard, snatched up the bird and disappeared under a big pine tree. I'm sure he was performing kitty first aid on the poor birdy and the rush was because it was an emergency. ... I didn't shoot at birds after that.

  10. Yikes!
    In the city, growing up,
    we just flipped each other the bird!
    But not me - I was a little Nerd Girl....
    I would never have done that! ;)

  11. Love the pink gun.

    I can not wait for all day marathons of Christmas Story.

  12. I would never have flipped anyone the bird either! ms. goody twoshoes I presume?! :-D
    I love bikey the snowman!

  13. Nothing says Christmas like a gun!

    Santa looks so sweet next to that pink BB gun. Looks like you had him
    doing a jig...

    I can see it now you and little Santa reading the paper dancing over awesome presents to get and to give ...if only in our minds :)

    Thanks for always keeping us in mind when you walk through your day.
    The perfect substitute for putting something in my mouth is having laughter come out. I'm addicted to your antics. High on fun with zero guilt.

  14. YAY! You know I'm loving these photos!


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