10 December 2010

clothes horse invisible

Got myself a little zip up pullover fleece thing.
$7 at Wally World.

Some clothes for flying, or dressing up...
The pants are 8-10 (women's) and they are not sweatpants!
The top is still a Large to XLarge... 
Muscles, perhaps? Just kidding, of course.

Now that I am apparently no longer invisible,
I like to look nice. I took back about half the things
I bought, because I didn't like something about them.....
I'm a picky little Diva, now, I guess.
(Not really!)
Before now, I was only visible 
to other people who were also invisible.
(That's my best guess)

That thing on my face was a smirk, or a smile maybe.
This was July 09... after 4 months of solid LoCarb-ing.
These were Size 20 Women's ... Down from size 24 W!!
I look at this now, and just kind of wonder 
"What was I thinking?" I guess I thought I was The Shiz.
Well, I guess I was!

Hope your weekend is gearing up!
Any Pre-holiday fun planned?


  1. You are an inspiration Anne and I am glad you are a blogger!

  2. Agree with Lucy and Ann. =)

    What is it about wearing smaller sizes on the bottom than the top? I have that problem, too, but I'm nowhere near size 8. Congrats to you !!!

  3. agree with all of them. I am so very happy for you. hugs.

  4. Oooh, I LIKE the fleecy pullover sweater! How fun that you are getting all gussied up. That scarf is lovely.

    I have a little bear shaped glass jar that I am tucking in spare dollars each week, and when I'm ready, I will buy some pretties, too.

  5. Lovely lady...never invisible again. ;-)

    Love Loretta's idea about spare $$$ for pretties. Stellar idea!

  6. Great idea indeed!
    When I work an extra shift....
    Or give up monster drinks....
    Or anything like that, it goes into a $$ fund...
    Just for Wicked things and fun things.... trips, etc...
    By the way, craigslist is the bomb dot com!

  7. And your new clothes look great on you! I love the idea of tucking away some money for funsies!

  8. you were and ARE the shiz..dont discount earlier progress, cuz any progress is well, progress! And it looks great on ya!

  9. The clothes are fab and so are you. You always were. Too bad for the folks who didn't recognize that.

  10. You are such a cutie. Always have been but now you are able to like what we already like.

  11. You've always been the shiz. Don't forget it. :)

    I actually do have some holiday fun planned. Tomorrow I am wrapping myself in battery operated Christmas lights then I'm going to a big street party called Lights in the Heights where you stroll around looking at Christmas lights. Fun!

  12. the way the little thumbnail picture looked on my blog roll made you look like a blond Kd Lang on an album cover..too cool

  13. Old phase, or new phase kd lang?
    Just asking???

  14. I find it hard to believe you were ever invisible. How can anyone resist your chipper self!??? I need to buy a sweater and jacket. I like that zippy thing with the red/blue. It's nice for the season, yes? And with the sunglasses, you look like you're about to intimidate someone. hahahahh!!!!

    And I love me kd lang. What a voice! If I were gay, I'd hit on her just so she'd sing to me!

    Happy Friday, Missy!

  15. Hugs, hugs and a big bear "hug"!!

  16. You've done a wonderful job, Anne. You are truly inspiring. BTW Tonight I'm going to try your recipe for pan roasting brussels sprouts tonight. They looked so yummy!

  17. Well heck, going from 24 to 20 was a big deal - don't take that away from yourself! You look great in your new togs. :)

  18. Nice threads. I'm envious of your fabulous bargain on the fleece. :) Sparkly you just in time for New Years.

  19. wow, 8-10, that's wonderful, I can't wait!!! what a great idea someone posted about putting aside a few dollars every week so when we reach a lower weight we can treat ourselves to pretty new clothes....Love your posts, they're so inspiring!

  20. of course you were the shiz
    down four sizes
    you definitely weren't
    chopped liver

    aren't new duds just the best
    I'm in new clothes mode too
    love my larges and 12s

    maybe some months in the future
    I'll join you
    in the

  21. You are a diva now, my dear! Glad we are along for the ride!

  22. SIZE 24 to 20 then 14 (extra large) with an 8/10 pants.
    I think you weighed more than 200... More like 225 or 230 to start!


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