29 December 2010

frustration tolerance

Quitting Monsters
Not because I ran out.
They are still right here in the apartment.
Even in my hand.

That would be too easy -
to quit after I drank the rest of the stash!
*Just one more - then I'll quit--- right?*

Well,  I never opened one of them.

The old equal and opposite reaction thing.
As much as I love them, that how much I crave them now.
That is to be expected.

And it's not good to give your control away to
something or someone that cannot love you back!

It's like a diet - I was tired of being at the mercy of
advertising and food-porn suggestions.
When I would see some yummy food product,
It was like my mind was pre-occupied with it.
And determined to buy it and eat it!
Or at least think about it all.day.long.

But it never delivered the enjoyment it promised.
Well, once in a great while it did.
And the randomness of it all was addicting!

A sign?
Stop when PRE-occupied!
Stop  messing around
Drop what you are doing
and Listen....inside

Learning Frustration Tolerance is like taking a plunge 
in a really cold pool. It's not so bad, once you get used 
to it. I might even be learning a thing or two.
As for the easy way.... not always so easy....
(The "can I haz a kitteh" pictures are from the inter*webs...)

Hope your day is wonderful!
And not too frustrating!


  1. Makes you wonder should you try to be around the things you crave and not partake to condition yourself? Hmmm I don't seem to be to good at that experiment. I think if yhe monster was continually in the house eventually I would cave. Oh btw the kiddos finished off all grannies treats today thank goodness. You are a stonger woman that i.

  2. Now 100% off of monsters and regular coffee!
    And the migraines are finally gone, too!
    Thanks, everyone for the support!

  3. Wow, Anne, you're totally off the Monster now? WTG, kiddo. Love the picture of the shadow hand..."The Shadow Knows."

  4. It was actually a comment you posted
    once about the Monsters being so expensive
    and sending people to the poor house....
    I did the math and thought about it... and yeah -
    I'm better off for it! - *thanks!*

  5. I've never seen The Monsters in a store--are they like the Rock Star things Kelly drinks or used to drink? I have seen those.

    I have given up some things and still had them around in the house for DH, but other things are tough. Hat's off to you!

    Congratson being migraine free!! And what I call "leaded" coffee! You're drinking unleaded,right?

  6. Reluctantly, yes.... all decaff
    Except for a couple of cups of Yerba Mate tea!
    All in the name of Science...
    Trying to see if leaving off the
    caffeine like Atkins says
    will help with these last 10+ pounds!

  7. ahhh frustration tolerance.
    thats a lesson I learn and relearn on a daily basis around here.
    I guess once I master it I will be done?

    (with the learning. not the journey)

  8. Oooh... LOVE Yerba Mate tea!
    Hope this works for you. Tough way to go... no morning cup 0 joe! Don't know if I'd be able/willing to go THAT drastic. Drather sell off a kidney first... !

  9. I knew you could do it! I'm proud of you ... plus, you'll have more money for the next Wicked show. Win-win.

    I'm glad you are feeling better, Anne.

  10. I guess life really is all about getting rid of addictions, isn't it? You are tough - don't know if I could kick the caffeine.


  11. Ahh yes, you did it again my friend.
    Helped me look at the things that don't love me back;
    not in a judgemental way of punishing myself
    just an honest question with the intent to expose the Truth.
    ...And the Truth shall set you free...
    Those last 10 pounds seem to represent us getting to the heart of the matter that started the whole process in motion. or as I've heard it said, getting to the heart of the e-motion.

    p.s. Darla thanks for mentioning the shadow...I didn't see it the first time
    I viewed the photos. We really see with our mind and not our eyes.
    The metaphor is perfect ...let not our shadow make the decisions.
    Let us take our power and own it. That is the freedom we seek.
    Ohh I better stop now I totally forgot you all were there just went off on a tangent.

  12. Frustration tolerance applies with kids too. :)

    I almost feel a little guilty drinking a RS while reading this. :( You're doing really good. I mean, to have the temptation of the Monsters right there and resisting them. That's tough. I'm proud of you.

    Can't wait to see you in SA. It's going to be a lot of fun. Still haven't made hotel reservations. I promise to get busy and email you this weekend. We'll find something. :)

  13. Wow. Tolerating frustration is a whole lesson in itself! Congrats on kicking the Monster in the head.

  14. It's so difficult, but quitting Monster drinks is so much easier to "quit" though than people who behave as monsters. If I could do THAT my life would be so much more peaceful.

    Ah well, it always boosts my readership. lol

  15. ok, that wasn't a very coherent comment. but I hit "enter" before I was ready. lol Just me, continueing to live the crazy!

    Frustration tolerance is a great way to think about this whole dieting ordeal, and I really appreciate your post.

    Hang in there, I'd like to say to you that monsters aren't real but I think we all know the truth.

  16. Don't hang yourself with the x-mas lights!

  17. Been off carbonation and caffeine for over 15 years and I love it. You go girl! smile

  18. Congrats on kicking Monster to the curb - I think anything, except for plain old water, can be drunk to excess, and we're better off without the engineered beverages for the most part.

  19. You beat the big bad Monster!!!!! The village must celebrate with songs, dances, and decaffeinated spiced java!

    So, what do we do with the Monster carcass? Arts and crafts? ; )

    Hugs for the victory!

  20. I've seen the Monsters in the shops but steered clear of them, I can't afford any more caffeine than I already ingest...

    Gotta go slay some caffeine monsters of my own real soon, I'll be better off, I know I will.

  21. Wow! Your willpower is amazing! But it sounds like you've shifted elsewhere - where you don't need willpower any more because you found yourself another answer. Excellent.

    It's amazing what we try to plug the holes inside us with. yes? It seems when I began to indulge myself in other ways, the bad habits fell by the wayside. I'm so glad they finally fell. :)

  22. Glad you have beat the monster Anne, and are with no migraines. I bought a new treadmill, so no more frustration for me. loved this post. c

  23. Getting rid of one addiction at a time!!! (I'm not giving up my coffee...yet!)

  24. Right now there is now much frustration in my life, and I am ever so grateful. I hope you are gearing up for a year beyond your dreams.

  25. Way to go, Anne. I hope you've given migraines the boot!

  26. You're so right about the food ads, Anne. Dominos and McDonalds and me have a thing gong on. It's not even enjoyable while eating sometimes... so many times. I know. Blah. I'll work on this.

  27. Thanks for your comments on my post New Beginnings... You were the only one who seemed to understand (as you always do)what I was saying. Have I told you how grateful I am to know you and how proud I am of your Monster resistance? BTW I quit smoking a hundred years ago the same way, with a half carton and half pack in my possession for a year, until I was certain I could toss them out. Happy new year! PB

  28. You're so right about the necessity to evaluate our behavior around things that lead to preoccupation. Our repetitive thoughts generally point to thing we need to work on.

  29. One of the things about mindfulness is acknowledging the feelings instead of avoiding them or running away. Keeping the monster in your house forces you to do this, which is a great learning tool! Kudos to you.

    I find it interesting when I do something like this is how the desire will continue wax and wane - even after a long period of time.

  30. Aw, where's my morning carb tripper post? I had grabbed my Rock Star (sorry) and was ready to read another entry with great pics.

    ((HUGS)) Hope everything is ok.

  31. I am learning Frustration Tolerance here too!
    Talk about a jump into a cold pool.
    Thanks for letting me learn it here.
    ::shivering off::
    or more like cooling down!

  32. 2 things come to mind:
    #1 - YAY for YOU! Tough stuff to beat!
    #2 - When my dad, an alcoholic, quit drinking he always kept a little booze with him. He said that if he didn't have it there, he would panic and feel an unbearable NEED to get some NOW! But with his little flat bottle (what are those called?) in his coat pocket, he could easily resist. When I quit smoking, I did the same thing, and had a pack of cigs with me for well over a year!

  33. Flask - I think they are called a Flask!
    A Monster Flask in this case!


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