02 December 2010


To the tune of "Womanizer"
as sung by Britney Spears.
With all the usual apologies and fontleroys.

SugarStar, where ya from, how's it going?
I know you,
Got a clue what you're doing?
 You can play brand new 
To all the other chicks out here,
But I know what you are, 
What you are, baby!

Lookit you,
Getting more than just a re-up!
Baby you got all the girdles 
With the strings up
Fakin' like a good one,
But I call em like I see em
I know what you are,
What you are, baby!

Carmelizer, Karma-Carmelizer,
You're a Carmelizer
Oh, Carmelizer, Oh, 
You're a Carmelizer, Baby
You, you, you, are
You, you, you, are
Carmelizer, Carmelizer, Carmelizer.....

Sugar, don't try to front
Cuz I know just-just what you are

You got me going
You're oh, so tasty
But I can't do it

You think I'm crazy?
I got your crazy!

Director's Cut
Britney Spears
The moral of the story
(of course)
is to watch out for hidden carbs!
Hope your day is sweet!


  1. You say carmel, I say caramel - tomato, tomahto ... Anne, take a look (and listen) to Brit folk musician Richard Thompson singing one of Britney's songs - it's different!

  2. You say carmel, I say Camel, what she singing about Camels hey. I understand what your sayin though hey. lol.

  3. I need to sit by my computer, in front of Anne's virtual log fire ... it is COLD here this morning. "Oh the weather outside is frightful ..." but no snow.

    It is kind of like starting a diet 12 hours before National Chocolate Day. All the misery and none of the beauty (yet) ...

    I need to buy a parka.

  4. "Baby you got all the girdles" - made me laugh right out loud this morning. Girdles, indeed. Boy, I'm glad those things are of the past.

    Have a good one, Anne.

  5. hehehe where do you come up with this stuff? Your creativity amazes me every time! :)

  6. Ha! I'll never be able to listen to that song again without thinking of carmel. :)

  7. I like sweet days, they don't like me so much, but maybe some day we can get together on a good day

  8. hehe...mmm caramel! or...carmelized as in onions! That santa picture is hilarious!

  9. mmmmmm carmelized onions are a favorite!

    Never saw that video of Ms. Spears...she's pretty hot! There are no calories in watching...thanks :)

  10. Some chopped steak with caramelized onions would hit the spot today. I'll skip the real caramels though.

  11. I love how you think.....this is a great post!

  12. LOL I love this you are sooooooooooo talented xxx


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