20 December 2010

sugar sub

All kinds of sugar substitutes are popular now.
A few years ago, they didn't even exist!
Or at least they were not so popular.

Xylitol. Mannitol. Maltitol.
Sorbitol. All kinds of "tols."

I am not a "big fan" of the sugar substitute.
I am not a big fan of sugar, though!
And it's effects on my affect!

Some of the sugar subs have almost as
 many calories as table sugar.... so be aware!
Read the labels! Note the serving size, too.
This industry is largely un-standardized.

Maltitol has over 2 calories per gram;
Sugar has 4 calories per gram!
So it's just maybe LOWER carb.
And "might" cause cramping!

Sucralose (Splenda) is a 
LoCarb winner for most....
Zero Carbs and not-so-bad!

might also be a tie for first place!

Sugar Substitutes are probably best
in combinations.... for different applications.

It takes some trial and error....
And no book can tell you what "sugar alternatives"
your own body will tolerate.

So experiment!
Check your local grocery store.
Or on-line.

LoCarb goes mainstream!
And the crowd goes wild!

YouTube Video
in Portuguese (from Brazil)
by The Fevers
You might want to check your sweet tooth
before you watch this little video I made!

Hope your day is as sweet as.....
Well, you know!


  1. Santa and the ElvesDecember 20, 2010 at 2:13 PM

    Ho Ho Ho - Love this!
    Did I mention that I'm cutting back on milk and cookies this year?
    See ya soon, sweeties!

  2. the English version of that is one of my guilty music pleasures. I think it played on the Archies cartoon on TV, right? I was in elementary school.

    I like some chocolates with erythritol. I use sucralose the most. I get the worst intestinal ickies from maltitol. OH MY, awful rumblies and farties and poopies. That's crazy stuff. I get a bit of rumbly tumbly with xylitol, but not like maltitol.

    I'll take sucralose over sugar...period. Until something better comes along.

    Splenda, tatatata--tata, aw, sweet and sweeter
    tatatata-tata, you are my coffee drops, and I keep on using you! ....

  3. I loved the song! I remember the original very well--way back when... Regarding artificial sugars: Malitol and I don't get along at all, and I am not fit to be around people when I eat it. I use only one packet of sweet n' low in my oatmeal per day and if I have soda, it has to contain sucralose--no aspartame for me. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the very nice comments. You are a "honey."

  4. I just bought my first sugar substitute. It's the Flavorite brand (made in USA distributed by Supervalu of Minnesota). I haven't a clue what it taste likes yet but plan on baking with it, not using it on cereal or stuff like that. Maybe in a smoothie. I'm not sure how healthy this stuff if compared to the real stuff. It says made with maltodextrin and sucralose. Hope it's okay for us.
    Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to you too. I hope you have a blessed one.

  5. I went all natural in my subs - honey and raw sugar. I've been toying with trying agave, but I only ever use sugar when baking. And I don't do that very often either. Molasses counts as sugar I suppose. It is a sugar byproduct.

    I was just reading the ingredients on Panda licorice. Has molasses - no sugar. But also has black carrot juice. Are there black carrots?

    Hmm. Must go google this ....

  6. In case you want to know the answer:

    Black Carrot Juice Concentrate is a Natural Additive to obtain pink to red- red to purple color shades according to pH of the addes product. As a natural colorant, Black Carrot Juice Concentrate color comes from its rich Anthocyanin content

    So now you're responsible for me learning something new today

  7. Ah i love sugar :)All things sugar!
    Sugar substitutes though except for Splenda really, really upset my IBS!! You don't want to know me after i've eaten some of that.

  8. If it tastes great, don't eat it. (Salt, Sugar, Butter, etc.)


  9. Sugar is sugar is sugar in my world. Unless it's naturally packed in a whole food I don't eat it. After 8 months of this everything tastes better. What was bland before is delicious now. Skipping the sweets is totally worth it and it's only now that I am off it that I am able to see that.

  10. Haha, I love Ann's tip. Thanks for the info! I try to fit light sweets into my eating. I haven't tried cooking with stevia or truvia yet. Applesauce is a great sweetener for baking, but it can really change the recipe.


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