24 December 2010

christmas eve in the neighborhood

These guys still ring twice

Not stopped by rain nor snow nor nothing!

Lawn deco is bigger in Texas

One of my wonderful neighbors 
gave me a Luv Gift

Miss D and her fun doll  - ho ho ho!

Christmas Kitchen Adornments

Miss Pat and her ever-sparkling Christmas Tree!
Every present represents Love!

Hope you are well and loving this time of year!


  1. ☃☃☃☃☃
    Did you see that Kitty Card?
    I got one just like it!
    From Santa!

    ----Sandy Claws

  2. Happy Holidays, Carb Tripper! I'm just getting started, and your blog came up on the radar! So, it's nice to "meet you!" Good luck on eating - or not eating through the week! I guess it's not all luck, when you are determined.

  3. What a pretty tree!
    I love the luv gift, just came at the right time :)

  4. SS -
    I am sooo glad!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. LOVE THE TREE! So pretty.
    Tis Christmas Day here already... nice and warm but not too hot.

  6. Warm greetings, Anne! Did you leave out any cookies, just in case anyone "drops in" later this evening?

    I've learned long ago, don't tick off the lead elf.

    Nothing says "celebrate Christ's birth" like a giant inflatable snow globe, hey? Oh, wait, that should be "eh?" ... you spent time in Canada, after all.

    Have a merry weekend! xx

  7. Indeed I have, Miss Ann.
    How nice of you to remember.
    Musta been my tuque.
    Actually, I am quite ill tonight and yesterday night.
    I am going through the final phase of caffeine withdrawals.
    I did this last year, and got back on it.
    I keep trying. Like a maniac, I keep trying.
    Caffeine is now my "food." And I am a junkie!
    and trust me when I say that I am miserable
    right now even as we speak. Feels like getting thrown
    under a sleigh - I mean a bus.

  8. Love that sparkly tree!

    Hope you are feeling better in the morning, Anne. I hate to think of you feeling bad on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

  9. Sorry to hear you're feeling bad I drank to much caffeine so here I am up again at 1am, darn coffee. Hope you feel better by tomorrow. *hugs*

  10. You can do it this time
    I'm convinced of it

    Totally worth the agony
    of withdrawal

    I was a caffeine junkie
    with constant IBS symptoms
    irascible personality

    every known invasive test
    Drs. scratched their ____s
    and pronounced it IBS
    no cure
    suffer lady
    just suffer

    read a newspaper article
    said caffeine causes
    symptoms like mine

    ok, so I suffered (greatly)
    for a few days
    of withdrawal
    no more IBS

    that was in 1987
    never went back

    except chocolate
    which causes
    the same symptoms
    but mostly seemed worth
    the agony

    now that I consume neither
    no such troubles at all

    just a wee heads up
    in support
    of your efforts

  11. Thanks PBird...
    But I am really not as sure of myself as you are.
    At least the Monsters are gone from under the bed,
    and under the cabinets.
    That's a start.
    As to the other, I don't have any ill effects.
    I just heard that caffeine and cortisol
    might work against visceral fat and weight loss!
    A cuppa hot chocolate sounds good right now.
    With a drop of mint extract in it!
    Sugar-free, of course.

  12. I don't know why, but this post made me cry. You're something, you know? You really are!


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