12 December 2010


Puppy Training Pads?
Good luck getting them to wear those things!!

Create a new normal...
Good idea!

A wee little bit extra walking.... every step counts!

Gotta watch craigslist...
I asked for a mixer!! 

A nice cup of Rooibos Tea... 
cutting way back on coffee, still!

Still kiss the boyzz... just the cute ones, though....

Egg and spinach and cheese scramble,
with a side of Reindeer
Hope your day is all Dancing and Prancing!


  1. And only one Monster a day!
    And a ton of water!

  2. You are so creative, a ton of water, that is where I am lacking right now, I need to step up. have a great weekend.

  3. I love the Mixer, it made me smile. Goofy. Depends for dogs, although not the same are no joke. Ever wonder how a dog tells you they are ready for pullups, after using the Depends ?

  4. cheese.... droool....

    oops, sorry :)

  5. Great blog!
    Love the reindeer :-)
    I'm also having a hard time drinking all my water. I've seen that tea in the stores and I wondered what flavor it is? Is it strong?

  6. Reindeer friends...soooooo adorable!

    They really are eyeing that scramble :) and Kelly is eyeing them as venison ...that's so funny! But I'm more like Karla, its the cheese that gets me drooling.

    Thanks Anne for another fun day!

  7. Fun photos, Anne. Love your humor. Keep it coming!

  8. Cute guy being kissed by a hot pink chick, reindeer (aka Venison) side to cheesy eggs, and a mixer slightly bigger than a Kitchen-Aid, Paul-Bunyan-style -- your blog is certainly entertaining, Anne!

    I look forward to it every single day. And you never disappoint.

  9. Like you, I am drinking plenty of water each day. Your egg/spinach/cheese plate looks delicious.

  10. Ha! How would Santa fit THAT mixer on his sleigh :-)
    Cheers, jj

  11. Oh, I treid the Rooibos. Ick. BUT..you cracked me up with the "mixer". Snort. That's a good one for some REALLY BIG party cooking, though. :)

    Later, lady!

  12. That scramble looks pretty d*mn good to me at this moment ... time for breakfast!


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