22 December 2010

dashing through the snow

Dashing through the streets,
In a pair of Nike Shoes,
Running all the way,
If you snooze, you lose!

Bells on bicycles ring,
"Please get out of my way!
Because I might just run you down
On the way to my next weigh - (in)"


Taco Bell, Taco Bell, Tacos all the way
Oh, what fun it was to ride
Through the drive-through
On my way --- home!

But no more, not for me,
A choice I have made!
I'll just go home and fix myself
A cup of lemonade!

Last year's snow pictures...
It was 80+ earlier this week, here in lovely North Texas!

Hope you are staying warm and dry and happy!
Where ever you are!


  1. Ho Ho Ho!
    Getting ready for the work out of the year -
    A trip around the world.... and all right at midnight!

  2. I have that wreath on my door. The exact same one.. Target or somewhere, three years ago...

  3. It is dry here but FREEZING. I am dreading going out later but I'm sure it will do me good. Love your rewritten Christmas tunes. I used to do that all the time. I wish I had saved some of them but really they were just for the amusement of my family. :)

  4. It's really white out here! Merry Christmas Anne. smile.

  5. I was thinking, "Where is Anne taking these pictures because it's HOT here?"
    It was pretty last year. You've come a long way, baby.

  6. The tie is this year's Tie Guy Model.
    As for the others...
    I needed something that rhymed with snow!

  7. It's been raining in L.A. for a straight week now. I have to admit weather wreaks havoc with my inner joy. I wish it weren't so...*sigh*

  8. Cheers! *raises cup of lemonade!*

    I love that tie. I brought my bottle o' tobasco on holiday with me!

  9. If I don't make it back 'round these parts before the holiday, have a very very merry Christmas!

  10. Oooh yeah. used to love taco bell--nothing low carb there though! Unless you wanna pick out the "meat" and eat that, but a cup of lemonade (with splenda!) is a much much better idea!

  11. Trees look pretty! It's COLD here, been in the 20-30's for a few weeks now. I could go for some warmer weather. I need a wreath for my door, seems I buy them and they get lost lol.

  12. Snow?? In North Texas??? Yikes?? Need some layers??

  13. I want the pink check gumboots!


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