11 December 2010

best of both worlds

A Wicked Christmas hat!

Don we now, our Wicked apparel
fa la la fa la la ....

Be Wicked - Have Another
*Thanks, Annie!*

Just got tickets for Wicked
In LA this March - 2nd row!
Right at the time I was planning to visit, anyways!
I guess you could say I'm a wee little bit into it!

My Netrition order came!! Yay!
A Free shirt with some orders...

I mix the protein: half concentrated with half isolated whey.
DaVinci Sugar-Free Pancake Syrup is very hard to find...
Don't really know why!

Fancy grocery stores have SF Pancake Syrup.... But they
are flavored with Mannitol, Sorbitol, or who knows what.
Even blends of sweeteners. Pretty good load of carbs....

Da Vincey brands use Splenda... about zero carbs.

When I lived in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Thanks to the Army! Frankfurt is a world-class city
Seen here clutching Mickey Dees!

Found these pics whilst cleaning out my closet.

I also recently changed my phone number.....
Had too - getting calls (hang-ups) at all hours of the day and night...
Text messages, too.... Mostly benign, but some nasty ones as well.
This has been going on for over a year now!
Hundreds of them! But not any more!

Hot Roobois tea instead of coffee...
Let's try this again, shall we!?
No shame in trying again and again.
Or so they say....
Hope your day is warm and cozy inside....
where it counts!


  1. I thought I was one day behind but I'm 3 posting behind in your blog world.
    You are wickedly busy!

    Love that your netrition order is here!

    DaVinci for the Diva...only the Best and why not...youa re DaBest!

  2. I especially like seeing the pictures of you in Frankfurt... brings back some sweet memories for me! Paint my face with a tinge of green... but glad at least one of us gets to see Wicked in March!

  3. Cool you'll get to see wicked in la. I keep wondering if you got the few emails I sent ya?

  4. La in march, wicked? email me iamkarlam@yahoo.com


  5. Fun! Sugar free syrup? Who knew. I just live without it. :)

  6. Happy Saturday, Anne!
    I'm so glad you are going on a road trip! You will have so much fun.

  7. We had to change our number too. Some guy started giving our phone number out, so the collection agencies trying to hunt him down kept calling US, looking for him. Grrrrrrrrr. We had no idea who the guy was, he just randomly picked our number and memorized it I guess.

    Ah, peaceful, blissful QUIET. LOL

  8. We didn't see Wicked while it was in Chicago and I am so sorry we didn't!!!!

    I do use sugar free pancake syrup but only a lil'... I find I just need a lil' for that flavor I'm looking for.

    Hey Anne-I wanted to say thank you for your comment on most recent post. You're right-it is an interesting reaction. And you're right when you say losing weight is bringing on certain emotions. These emotions that are being brought on are emotions I've always had a hard time dealing with (there are, of course, reasons for this). And it's been awhile since having to deal with them.

    I could write on and on about this...but I think I'll leave it for a post...I'm still thinking and pondering :)

  9. Lovely photos, Anne. You look great. So sorry about the hang-up calls. I hate those. Mostly though we get telemarketers that drive me nuts. BTW I made your roasted brussels sprouts last night and Dail and I LOVED them. I had to change the recipe a bit though as I didn't realize I was out of Balsamic Vinegar. I added just a bit of water to the olive oil instead so there would be a little moisture to steam through the sprouts. And I used the garlic version of Mrs. Dash. They were DIVINE. Thanks for sharing the recipe. :)

  10. Love your Santa hat picture in your profile. You add so much god humor to daily blog readers! So, glad you took care of those nasty messages. Hope this is the end of it.

  11. The Netrition order?!! Dang...'bout time :)

  12. I want the peanut butter you wrote about. I did go check out the site. YUMMMMY!!!
    Love the photo's but really love the hat.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  13. Enjoy your netrition order :)
    You i love sf syrup!
    Good for you on changing the phone #. Getting calls like that sucks

  14. Im late, just wanted to say I liked the post, and the pics of you over in Germany too....and Im glad you changed your cell phone number--harassment does not need to be tolerated, ever!

  15. It started out innocently enough.....
    Then it was rude.....like -
    "Your heart is made of crusty cockroaches....."
    and "You have bed bugs. Get rid of 'em!"

    I went to the cops.... they told me to change my number!

    And by the way.... I don't have bed bugs!

    1. AND my heart is not made of crusty cockroaches!
      SO THERE!


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