02 December 2010

much less food

I have made a discovery about my body.
It needs much less food than I first thought.
Much less!
And much more exercise.
Much more!
[I guess I just don't eat as much 
as when I weighed 200+! pounds!]
Some people recommend exercising 500 - 700 
kcal every day.... for "maintenance."
Hecka - I never did that much to lose the weight!

And a word about fasting.
I tried ADF - Alternate Day Fasting.
But I had a little glitch - abdominal pain!
I thought it would never resolve.
Like, "almost passed out at work" - type pain.

So I stopped eating nuts, and cut way back on fats,
to rule out any kind of larger problem.

And now, my ADF is going much better.
It's a great tool for the visceral fat. Abdominal. 
The stubborn kind that no one likes to talk about.
And no, it's not just thick skin.
It's Visceral Fat - the kind you can't work out.
Because it is in and around the organs.

Some fat is on the skeletal muscles.
Some is just regular old Adipose - Fat

About the only thing I can think to reduce Abdominal Fat - 
other than the usual diet and exercise - 
Is lymph massage and fasting... plus
lots and lots of water!
Time to do the 10 month numbers!

The TMI part: 
Went from a 48DD to 36C...
48 men's pants to women's 8-10...
Scrubs size 2x to Medium...
(Almost a small!)
It's all in 20 months!
But who's counting!

This just in:
There was actually a small increase
from summer - in some areas... 
But I'm not worried at all!
Keep focused on the bigger picture -
and not every little *zip* in the night's sky...
Hope your week is Small in the problem areas
And Large in the enjoyment areas!


  1. I don't want to give up my nuts :( lol

    Great numbers and a great job you've done Anne!!!

  2. I am DOOMED to having abdominal fat then... cos I drink NO WATER at all.

  3. and I say again---WOWIE WOW WOW!!! You are amazing...what a difference! I love seeing this, because Im following the yellow brick road behind you, kicking the carbs to the curb hehehe

  4. Your numbers are very impressive, Anne. Especially your waist. - 14! Wow! My fat seems to be mainly the abominable abdominal stuff, dammit. Very hard to shift. I will try the ADF for a while, if I can summon up the necessary willpower!

  5. I even tried a modified version
    (Intermittent Fasting/ ADF)
    where I just had protein shakes....
    But not too many grams of protein, either....
    That's as bad as carbs, eh?

  6. This might be a very stupid question, but... On the fasting day, do you eat anything or is it just water? Why exactly did cutting nuts and fats help? I had to cut my nuts, too. They didn't give me any pain, though. Quite the opposite, I love them too much and find it way to easy to overeat them.

    Great numbers, Anne! You are an inspiration! :)

  7. Some fasting days, just water -
    with the occasional bite of this, or that.
    Some fasting days with protein.
    Some with just coffee, or Monster drink
    but that's just me -
    cuz I am a true Bohemian (who loves caffeine!)

    Which probably goes against the pH of ketosis.
    Probably not a good thing to fast with/on....

    And the nuts went away to rule out
    if my appendix was actually problematic...
    (It hurt right there.)

    I think the fat is good and ketogenic and all,
    But I think there is an upward limit of fat intake.
    And when it is neared, the dietary fat consumption
    interferes with Lymph movement and
    ketosis - the breakdown of stored fat!
    My own theory - just might be true.

    I have done 2 fat-fasts: each for 5 days.
    The "Keckwick Diet"
    I was happier than I had ever been in my life
    and lost 5 pounds and 3 pounds, respectively!

  8. Belly fat has always been a problem for me. Can't I just have it cut off or sucked out? gee. The things we have to go through.

    YOU, my friend, are doing awesome. Just look at those numbers? Who's the Rock Star? YOU are!

  9. So Anne,
    You should email details of said fasts, I am curious. :P mrs.crumpet@hotmail.com tee-hee.

    You have done so well, its why I like reading your blog its so I dunno, happy and youve done stuff and though I like reading others, yours is fun and well your progress is AWESOME!

  10. Awesome numbers! Amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it, huh?

  11. Thanks for the answers. Interesting! I never knew there was a connection between nuts and appendix. Good to know.
    I think there should be a limit on fats, too. Especially when we are trying to lose. Got to leave the body a chance to use it's own fat, rather than supply all of the needed fat with the diet. I also think it's not good to go too low on fat, either. It's a balancing act and for me a guessing game most of the time.

    Never heard of that fat fast diet, will have to check it out.

  12. It's not so much a scare of diverticulitis,
    (as caused by fiber and nuts and seeds)
    as it was once thought....years ago.....
    But for me, more of a lymph involvement thing...
    And less dietary fat seems to help with that at any rate!

  13. Kekwick diet! That sent me off to Dr Google. Something new I've learned, thanks Anne. I must just have to try that sometime. (After my current experiment with carb cycling, followed by giving ADF a try ... ) The endless quest for enlightenment. :)

  14. Awesome, Anne! You really are an inspiration! ;-)

  15. I am not a nut gal, every time I eat them I gain, so I stay away from them!!

    Protein and veggies are the trick for me :)

  16. I guess I might have to give up nuts, this is alot of great information little miss thing...your measurements wow....you are proof it can be done. hugs.

  17. Dang, Anne - you have lost a ton of inches!!! Very, very impressive. :)

    So you believe the fasting will help the midsection, eh? I will have to give it a try - that is my really stubborn area.

  18. Terrific numbers!! Way to GO!!! And I love, love LOVE the Santa picture!!

  19. Great post, lots of info
    Mostly I love those numbers! Wow Anne H, that's awesome!

  20. HOW did I miss THIS POST ??!!

    Fantastic results and uplifting for the rest of us. Congratulations, Anne -- you are (truly) an inspiration!

    Now, I need to figure out how to bookmark this, so I can come back and reference it ...


  21. going backwards in your posts,
    picking up a few I've missed

    so glad I found this one!
    Oh my god! The numbers do tell
    of hard work and success

    you are my mentor and inspiration
    what a blessing to have found you!


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