18 December 2010

office party:
surviving one

It only happens every year

You can set your clock and calendar to it

A big plate of meat

Still can go LoCarb -
Ham, Turkey, and green beans

I am - or was -  sensitive to turkey....
When I was really heavy, I would eat it,
and almost fall out!
Now, as before I gained weight, it wasn't a problem!
I just took a little bit. To try it.

Did you see that movie "Fearless" ?
From 1993 (link)

After my own NDE, I now try all kinds of things 
I never would have tried before.
Like eating turkey. 
The guy in the movie ate a strawberry,
even though he had always been allergic to them.

And like talking to people 
who are way high out of my league.
That doesn't always work out so well for me.
But no one can say I didn't try!

YouTube Video
Jeff Bridges
Directed by Peter Weir

An office tie guy....
This is Santa, in a boat, giving tabasco sauce to crocodiles!

The Food Network 
Many many shows use sugar right in the meat or glaze!

Ask yourself this:
Why does eating out taste so much 
better than what we cook at home?
Because we don't see all the salt, 
sugar and fat they put in it
to make it taste so darn good!

One way to make sure you stay on plan 
is to eat a little something before you go.
And to bring your own dish, to make sure there will be
something there you can have. Ok. that's two ways, eh?

A treat is a "treat" just a couple of times a year....
not every meal of every day. That's why it's special!

I actually have the occasional slice o' cake/sweets.
I do LoCarb, but really, I can have anything I want.

If something is off -limits, I sometimes want it more.
Why? Cuz
I'm not just a member of the Dumb-Ass club...
I'm President! Of the Local chapter, at least.

The thing is: logically - is it worth the aggravation,
and cravings, and calories? (Not always.)
Is it going to help me reach my weigh-loss goal,
or hinder me? (Not always a big help.)
You can cheat, 
but you really only ever cheat yourself.

Plus in the case of LoCarb, it has been said that it's good to cycle off 
every now and then. I don't know about that - "real life" provides
more than enough opportunities to cycle off for me!

Me in the little pullover I seldom take off - 
with Kyle

And a splendid time was had by all!
Hope your day is great as well!


  1. I'd love to meet Kyle one day he looks like he'd be an awesome person to talk to :)
    Glad to hear you can take a bit of turkey now!
    Love the tie.

  2. Our office is crazy with parties for this or that. Heck, if the mail is delivered it seems we order cake. It is really hard because folks get really, really uncomfortable if you don't eat with them or you don't eat all the crap they are eating. Ugh. I just load my plate with salad and just pick at the rest. It still amazes me how much they watch what I eat. Drives me nuts!

  3. We had a cake at work today, I had a piece, no big deal. Wednesday is our holiday party. There's going to be all sorts of carboliciousness. I'm preparing chicken wings to lower temptation.

  4. My husband would LOVE that tie. I wonder where I can find one ...

  5. Fearless! I loved that movie. Thanks for the reminder. Looking at that tie too long could damage yer retinas.

  6. Tis the season to be jolly....so much food...so much temptation..oh what the heck!!!

  7. Those look like the hands of Ina Garten on the Cooking channel she is
    one of my faves.

    And yeah she's not afraid of the butter.

  8. I actually like eating home made stuff better for the exact reason of knowing what's in it.

    Trying all sorts of things - that sounds good. I don't do enough of that. Once again, you prove to be a great inspiration to me. Thanks :)

  9. The Santa tie is a hoot; tobasco sauce treats for crocs. Yay. The display of food looks like so much food it is overwhelming. Work environments have added constant snacks and high sugar treats that are so tempting and disguised as something fun and good. NOT.

  10. This time of year, I'm thankful I don't work. I don't have to worry about the holiday treats and feasts that are shared at work. Hubby's boss does KFC for them before Christmas. Of course, he doesn't need to be weight conscious so he can dive in. It would be a huge temptation for me though and just the THOUGHT of the fat in a piece of KFC chicken is enough to stroke me out. Part of my success so far has been keeping myself out of situations where there are foods I might not be able to resist. I guess I'm a COWARD dieter. :)

  11. Thanks, Anne. I am feeling better and having more up times than down times. Finally started to enjoy the thought of the holidays. Looking forward to Christmas and New Year's. Dail and I have plans to go out and celebrate that night.

  12. Hey there miss anne! I have survived 2 office parties since starting my locarb stuffs successfully! Luckily somehow they always have sliced up veggies and a sourcream based dip there, some cheese chunks, water and coffee with light cream. Thats what I stick to--taking a plate, mingling slightly as I move through the crowd (well really down the buffet tables!) and then high-tail it back to my desk! PHEW!
    The last party was a holiday potluck, and I ended up working from home for another reason, thus totally avoiding!
    Thats a really nice picture of you with Kyle!


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