07 January 2010

something completely different

I stayed up all day and night blogging 
and learning more HTML!
You are right - that's not so different at all!
Learning code is like weight-loss; 
you practice what you know,
and learn from your mistakes.
It's just a mistake - not a failure.
Correction - not punishment.
The H57 sauce isn't LC, but I just used a wee little bit.
The "Toronto" seasoning is from Whole Foods;
no salt, and sooo good!

Monster Energy Drink
w/Orange-flavoured protein mix
(a double scoop works best)
and sf Blackberry DaVincy Syrup.

About a bucket of black coffee,
served by the cup, not in a bucket.
Now, was it one, or two Monsters? I forget!
(Prolly 2, I'd say)

Then there's some loose tea that is really good,
and helps relax before sleep.
I have a cup every night. 
(Almost every night, eh?)
Little baby kittens are still 
in the laundry room where it's warm.  
They are much less shy,
but still they run off when I approach them!
Ah, perhaps one day....
In the mean while, they are the best, 
well-fed kitties in town.
With about 14 grand-mums.

Got about 30 minutes in on the treadmill.
Bought it on Craigslist a while back, 
for a couple o' hundred bones.
Took it in to give it a good home.
It's in the Living Room now,
When I move, it will have it's own room!

I measured today- 10 inches off waist.
1.5 inches off left forearm.
2 inches off neck.
All since March 09.
Found the old list when I was packing.
Oh, the things ya find when ya clean up!
I still have a ways to go, 
but I have no doubt that it will work out.
I never did. 
Come to think of it, yes I did.
Doubting yourself is the worst part of it.
It just takes time, and effort.
For weight-loss and packing.
No doubt about that!



  1. JJ - about the picture grouping -
    My new phone takes these mosaic shots,
    and has a "blog" size setting as well.
    I like it, too! Thanks!

  2. TEN inches off the waist, wow...Kudos to you! I gotta get my ass in gear! lol....I really wish I would have measured back in March when we started as well, I just kept putting it off.I am theeee "put off" queen after all! Going to do it tonight though.

    Oh and I adore the kitty pic!

  3. Thanks, Sunny Girl -
    The baby kitties just showed up, and live in the apartment laundry room.
    *Meow!* Too cute they are!

  4. You are kicking butt now Anne :) Your measurements are awesome!!

  5. Good job learning about coding. Me? I can't even spell "HTML". And better job on the losing. You gotta be proud!

  6. I always forget to measure my neck!! It's amazing the places that shrink.
    Great job!! :)
    I'm too ADD to mess with HTML.

  7. 10"!!!! Wow! What a woman. Sounds like a really cool phone. It would probably be way to complicated for me, I can barely use my Crackberry. :)

    Keep up the wonderful work, you are a rock star.

  8. HTML? is that a new energy drink? or metabolic pathway substance? You speak of things i do not know.

    10 inches WOW!

  9. Like Rachel says! I have heard of this HTML but the concept is a mystery to me. But 10 inches! WOW indeed! That's 25.4 centimetres, y'know. Good going. You give me inspiration. PS: I love the way you set out your page, it's like poetry.

  10. HTML....what the heck is that. Should I know about it??

    Way to go on the measurements.

  11. Hi Anne, You'll have to show me your phone when you come to CA. That's a cool feature.

    I'm afraid of HTML. I stick to the VERY basic stuff and hope for the best.

    One of these days a kitten will ask to move with you!

    Have a great day.

  12. I do love it here... so glad you're back.

  13. I need to learn something. I am totally dependent on others doing for me as far as coding. Thus, why my website is not yet up and going.

    Awww, the little kitties look like my long-passed Mr. Sox. RIP Mr. Sox.

  14. Kittens are showing up all over da place ...
    Perhaps it's a sign...a good sign...
    These two are so small -
    they don't meow - just *peep*
    Still won't let me come near.
    "Katsagoogoo"...they are too shy!


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