22 October 2010

a hot (pink) mess

Boasting and swaggering (link)
3 months AFTER starting LoCarb
So add 25 to 30-ish pounds to this lovely image.
I thought I was half-way there, and was very proud of my self.

A year and a half later 
Doing the numbers - visual style

LoCarb didn't make me "this way"
(I see myself as a real dumb-ass)
That part of my ego was always there...
LoCarb just brought it out (thanks alot)!

Does LoCarb change your serotonin levels?
Or expose you to any other long-term risk?
In other words, will you die if you don't eat bread?
Or grains, and starches, and carbs? (Oh, my!)

After lots of research on neurotransmitters,
we still don't know agree on the first thing. 

For every LoCarb question, 
 there is one "Yes," for every two "No's."
The best we can all agree on is a qualified "Maybe, baby!"
Except for actual weight-loss results - which we can all see!

In ketosis, you can be very, very happy.
It's almost like being in love 24/7
Half of what we call "love" is probably just "ketosis."

Less fatigue, more energy -
Weight loss... better self-esteem...
What's not to like?

Did I mention weight-loss?

"The" chart (link)

Still in a bit of a stall, but I don't mind.
Just an inch or two down all the way around.
I'm not in a race or contest with anyone.
My forearms are actually larger  - all that working out?

Sneaking in a workout whilst driving
One hand - one heart?
Cardio workout?
My heart is in my hands?
What - wha... huh?

People "hate" the medical establishment
And rebel against it.
But they side with it when it comes to LoCarb.
It's a LoCarb Conspiracy!
Run away!

A pretty picture of the sky - totally unrelated to anything!

Did you know that the word "conspiracy"
Comes from the origin "to breathe together"
con = with and spire = breathe

Trivia for the day.
Even the word "trivia" is trivial.
It comes from trivium 
tri = three
"A place where 3 roads meet."

I don't preach Locarb - in fact, I'm reluctant to talk even about it.
Except on the blogs. Anyone who wants to know more,
I'll gladly talk LoCarb all day with them.
Kinda like I never talk about A Course In Miracles anymore.

I sometimes miss my friends in real-life.  :(
That's one of the changes that didn't bode well for me. 
Some people avoid me like the plague, 
or ice cream, or something.  Or plague-flavored ice-cream. 

Which I'm sure someone would ask
how many points are in it -
and does it come in sugar-free?


Taking the new camera out for a test click.
By the way, the boss was very pleased with 
the symposium pictures I took last week.
Looks like they might get published 
in the local Nurse magazine! Yay!

Hope your day is picture perfect!


  1. Wow Anne-look at you! "You've come a long way Baby!"

    Great sky pics!

  2. Love the sky pics. If I didn't know it before, I know now that I'm a sick person because I'm totally craving plague-flavored ice-cream!

  3. It's not bad... I've had worse!

  4. Hot pink is soooo slimming ...

    WOW, 10" off your waist in under a year?! Awesome job, Anne (bet you get tired of hearing that by now).

    So, are you still into raspberry garb? No wall flower status for you!!

    Gorgeous sky photos. Almost like you were in NC ...

  5. Perhaps its an individual thing, I've heard people claim they feel horrid on low carb, but I can't remember the last time I've felt this good! I'm alert and happy and STRONG! On the rare occasion I allow myself something sugary (like cheesecake for my birthday!) I feel the negative affects within minutes. I'm sluggish and jittery, and just blah!

  6. hummmm..... the low carb controversy

    sounds like a Julia Roberts movie

  7. Just catching up, glad you did not hurt yourself worse with the red plate. lordy those quick accidental happening things. shite. I have a question how did people change with you losing weight and avoid you like ice cream and if they did were they jealous of your success. I think your before and after pictures are incredible, you look so much happier now my little chickadee. Lo carb it is, when I even eat bread I swear I have an allergy that lingers for two days. swelling and soreness.. keep going Anne, thanks for all your visits and comments. have a great weekend.

  8. a course in miracles.... what`s that ?......
    very interesting about the origin of the word "conspiracy"
    Well of course your pics will be in Nurse magazine - you could be a professional photographer or a Broadway star !

    big hugs from winnie

  9. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Unreal photos! You should be very, very proud.

  10. WOW.....well done. Love pink but in this post you look so much better in blue. Love your photos...Hugs

  11. Anne,

    An old boss of my used to say this about people he liked, "She has a lovely way about her". I think he'd say that about you and your blog. You have a lovely way of expressing yourself and seeing the world, IMO. Thanks for sharing that with us all.

    Have a splendid weekend, you shutterbug you.

  12. You look lovely in any colour :)
    Love the pic's, have a great weekend!!

  13. Are you patting yourself on the back?

    xo jj

    PS LOVE the pics too.

  14. Awesome results! Well done!

    I've been on both sides of low carb. Happily on the pro side right now and with no intentions on turning back. Five plus months no bread and still very much alive, even more so than I was stuffing myself with it. Happy? You bet!

  15. Interesting that your friends avoid you now that you are taking care of yourself. So many parts to that I think. It is sort of like hubby and me. We don't really fit in many places. We don't drink, smoke, do drugs, watch TV. We aren't prissy or saints but we have high morals. We don't run around town and go to events in crowds. Been there and done that enough for a lifetime. For me, I always believe that people either accept me and like the real me or they aren't really true friends anyway. As you make changes in your life you are changing in many ways inside and out.

  16. Not feeling the love here... Where did ya go..

  17. You are a fantastic photographer!

  18. Great pics! I do avoid ice cream but could never image wanting to avoid you *smile*.

  19. You ARE a fantastic photographer, so Im not at all surprised they want to use your pics from the symposium!! And yeah huge huge progress...I love taking the measurements (you know of my scale phobia!), Im due for new measurements next weekend as I do them every 4 weeks.
    I dont know why your friends avoid you now, are they heavy? Does your progress threaten them, or make them feel badly? They are missing out!!!

  20. How fantastic you have done on low carb. I cannot adjust to that, so I try to eat healthy with smaller portions. I am trying to exercise more too. Don't worry about friends who avoid you. I have had trouble differentiating friends and acquaintances. Friends are there for you. You have lots of them here.

  21. Oh Allan -
    It's all love!
    I've just been laying low -
    Trying to find my happy place!
    It's got to be around here somewhere....


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