28 October 2010

home with skelly

At Home With Skelly
The Skeleton

Long ago, I was nurse to a little girl.
We took these pictures about 1998.
Maybe 99. When digital cameras first came out.

I found them today, whilst cleaning out files.
And put them into this format. With captions and music!
Just something silly, really!

Oh, yeah - and today - my day off -
I ate! Grilled HB and Green Beans.
All in Italian dressing.
And earlier, eggs and sausage.
No more sicko SF candy for me.
They could sell that stuff as Miralax.
Oh wait- they do!
Actually, it's not so bad. In moderation.
Even then, the carbs are ok.
So no harm done.
And by the way, it's not always the carbs on the label.
Sugar Alcohol / "net carbs" are all the rage right now.
Which means info / fact creepage
Which means "carb creepage."

Here's how to really know:
Just the the math. Not the aftermath.
Take the total calories.
Minus the fat [grams x 9]
Minus the protein [grams x 4]
What is left is the true carbs.
Regardless of the label and how many -
or how few- net carbs it claims sugar alcohol has.
Hope you are rocking the week!


  1. LoCarbers, Math-Whiz people
    And Cheese-Whiz people
    are welcome to check my math here!

  2. Anne I missed reading your blogs while I was so busy!!
    Loved the one you drew... and the cat... and the video on this one.
    Lots of smiles!

  3. I imagine that the little girl must have had a blast posing and photographing Skelly! How fun this was. :-)


  4. Wait ... you were cleaning out files on your day off?

    And here I thought you were doing something fun like milking a cow, photographing pumpkins, or posing next to a giant fiberglass cowpoke named Texas Willy or something.

    Well, you even made cleaning files fun, since you found the skelly saga. Me? All I'd find are papercuts. Umph.


    Hope your day today is grand!

  5. Fun and funny!! Thanks for the math lesson, very interesting stuff there!

  6. I liked the pic at the end where Skelly says than you very much! I will have to keep this formula for figuring out true carbs. So far, not eating any of those low carb candies but...they may come in handy during the upcoming holidays!!!Certainly better than going off on benders with the regular stuff!

  7. "info/fact creepage"

    yep. sing it sista!

    fact creepage=one of the reasons folks think low carbing doesn't work. very astute observation.


  8. Truer words were never spoken!

  9. I do want to leave a comment...how did you know?!

    Hugs for a wonderful Day :)

  10. I bet that little girl
    still remembers you
    your camera
    and play time
    what a gift to her
    and now to us

  11. Definitely No more sicko SF candy for me... that stuff is torture, water-boarding or SF Candy; which will get them to talk first?

  12. My money goes on the candy for that one, Patrick!
    Even more so, because it is so darn yummy!

  13. What a gift you are....:-) Hugs

  14. I loved your little videos, super cool and inventive. Bet that little girl loved hanging out with you.


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