15 October 2010


My name tag - (YouTube Link)
No one "got" it.
No one "gets" me sometimes.
Had to take it off. Hmmph.

Take as needed for a fun-tastic feeling.
M & M's with peanuts.

By the basket - full

Every kind of cool pen and highlighter

This pen talks - it's like a trade show for Hospice Nurses.
It says "Today is going to be a happy, stress-free day!"

And of course, the food

Cookies for everyone and coffee by the gallon

Turned a few heads - gave one nurse whiplash,
looking back at me - didn't recognise me!
Was that really just last year? (18 months)

Nurses like to "throw down," right?
Roast beef, Swiss cheese, basil, fancy lettuce
Threw off the bread... little bowl of fruit.
Gave away the chips and brownie.

And of course, Monster LoCarb Energy Drink
It was fun to get out and about.
Working the crowd.
Kinda making myself indispensable available.
Hope your weekend is a great one!
Hope you are having fun!


  1. Like a Hostess Snowball, minus the extra weight.. Awesome

  2. I totally get your name tag! they missed out...I think it is hilarious!

  3. I always want to include more pictures in my blog, but don't. That's my goal next week. Be more like Anne.

  4. Why don't those people "get" the BEST MOVIE EVER! Maybe the next meeting should be all about Princess Bride. Way to turn heads!!!

  5. Damn, I think I'm in love with you. I don't think my hubby will approve. :)

    I too eat low carb and also completed a minor "correction"...it sure feels much better without hunger and cravings.

    I'm off to watch the Princess Bride now.



  6. I have never seen that movie (!!! I know!) but my husband busts out with that line, in that accent a few times a month at least!!! And I want that wacky looking talking pen...food choices look great, and I have to say the coral-ish-pink color scrubs look fab. Great color for you!

  7. One of my favorite films. Wallace Shawn makes it all the more special.

    Glad you turned more than a few heads, Anne. You've accomplished a lot. I'll bet you're inspiring quite a few people too. So cool.

  8. name tag???

    over my head

    Hostess snowball.... LMAO!!!

  9. That food looks awesome! Ummmm... so do you! lol

  10. some of us movie folk got it:)...love getting free swag at those nursey things

  11. Really, they didn't get your nametag? That's just sad! Love the shot/highlighter and the medicinal m&ms - very clever.

    It's neat and kind of disconcerting to not get recognized...also fun to shock people that way. You look fantastic and I'm sure many people are curious as to how you did it!

  12. I love the little prescription bottle idea- cute!

  13. Nary a day goes by where someone doesn't ask
    if I had "THE" Lap Band. But no....
    "Just LoCarb," I tell them. After a very long pause,
    they make this face (like I just killed them) and ask
    "What - no bread?"

    I was the momentary center of attention -
    except for with one heavy nurse.
    she looked away - she was crying.
    I get that reaction just as much as the other.

  14. I too love the Princess Bride...I would have totally cracked up if I saw that name tag. Glad you saved it for us to appreciate :)

  15. You are so adorable. I got The Princess Bride reference. You should have kept it just because. I also loved that the hospital was packaging m&ms as a treat in pill bottles ... hehehe. You should make them some LC sugarfree almond cookies for the banquet next time. :)

  16. I can not WAIT to give people whip lash like you do!!!

  17. Oh PLEASE tell me SOMEONE got the Montoya quote ... THAT was hysterical!


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