21 October 2010

new camera

Zoom zoom
I suppose the new camera is ok...
I still liked the old one - cuz it was "special"

Everyone at work knew I must have done this to myself.
The scar must make me look "tuff..."
A nurse aide asked if I lost weight on crack - or what!
Nope - just lost another fight with a plate...

At least my boyfriend has got my back!
He's a dog, by the way - not a polar bear.

YouTube Video
Letters From The Sky

My mp3 player cable (fm transmitter) broke last week
so I've listened to alot of radio this week.
And no, I didn't break it - it just broke!

Even my shit stuff is having a mid-life crisis!
Time for a change of mid-life.

Needless to say - I ended my fast.
Yummy salad yumminess. Grilled chuck-burger.

Did you know the origins of the word "cruel"
Comes from word "crude" (link)
Meaning raw and bloody!

Thanks for all your kind words and well wishes!
Hope your week is great - and not crude
in any form!


  1. So glad you got a new camera and that scar does make you look TOUGH! smile.

  2. Don't think of it as a scar, but as a convresation starter:

    "Hey, Anne, how'd you get that scar?"

    "Oh, it is a long story, involving international espionage, a hair-raising Cessna trip across the Andes in an ice storm, and an operative in Budapest, but I'll save that story for another time ..."

  3. Definitely another story for another time!
    "Oops up-side the head" comes to mind!

  4. New camera, yay!! And Im sooooo glad you ended your fast--food is just too glorious!and besides that you NEED it :-D Cute doggy too!

  5. I got it - the SCARS-dale diet blog?
    Sorry - I'm a little loopy yet!

  6. Scars-dale diet, LOL! Love your boyfriend!!

  7. The head looks painful! But the salad looks yummy! Do you put hot sauce on it? If so what kind?

  8. Hi there - not hot sauce -
    That's Catalina Salad Dressing
    With Green Goddess.

  9. I like your scar! But, sorry if it hurts!

  10. If it makes you feel any better, my old camera I loved broke, then my new one broke, so now I'm camera-less... and I didn't even drop them or anything! And I also got very upset... I loved my camera... but I have no scar from it :)

    If the commercials are to be believed, Neosporin is supposed to help it heal faster and WITHOUT a scar...
    unless you like the tough crack head look... :)

    Red is supposed to be bad for anger... maybe you need some baby blue plates... with flowers on them... lol

  11. Your old camera was pretty awesome but I bet in no time, you'll have the new one all figured out and love it too.

    Your cut is looking way better today. I hope it's feeling good too. Stay out of the sun to help reduce having a mark when it's all healed (She says from experience).

    Cheers, jj

  12. Awww, what an adorable boyfriend you have there. Love his little kerchief. He's got style, that boy does. :-)


  13. The scar will disappear but it would be better if it would not. It would be a help with anger. Hugs to you.

  14. Thanks everyone!
    Yes - anger.
    I thought it was gone from me.
    Turns out - it wasn't.
    But at least I now know where to look to find it!

    Maybe it's just one of the Kubler-Ross
    Stages of Grief process work.

  15. You got your scar just in time for Halloween- you can be Frankenstein! ;)

  16. Nothing can distract from those dimples :)

  17. Ouch on the scar :(

    I used to have 2 of those polar bears and for the most part they were indoor dogs. When we used to brush them, I'd come away with a very large black garbage bag of fur!

    Female was protective, male LOVED everyone.

  18. That is an awesome looking scar - reminds me a bit of Harry Potter. Sucks that your MP3 player broke...I hate it when things like that (and your camera) happen.

    In other news, I am craving a grilled burger now!

  19. Love the pooch!! Boo boo looks better than it did.
    We actually had a few flakes of snow last night :)

  20. Woo hoo for the new camera ;)

    Love that sweet boyfriend of yours.. beautiful pup!

    Have a non-crude weekend too, lovie! xx

  21. No crude here lol. He does look like a polar bear *grin*. Nice camera. I smiled when you said "no I didn't break it" lol. You are so funny Anne, love reading your posts. Hope you have a non-crude weekend too.

  22. You can replace the camera. Just don't replace the photographer. That's why we're all here! :-)

    Hope your weekend is picture perfect!

  23. You can contract yuself out as a body guard with that scar.

    Ooo! New camera! Put it thru its paces.

    Maybe bad times come so we appreciate the good ones? That's what I keep telling myself.

  24. The scars of life.....

    Thanks for the safety awareness comment.

    You have a good week end. And don;t break any more plates (especially the red ones). Michele

  25. I love that polar dog. What breed is that? So cute. I bet he's a good snuggler.

    If it were me, I would totally tell people that a bunch of thugs clobbered me and tried to force-feed me bread and that you got the scar trying to fight them off. Of course, nobody would ever believe that I'd give up carbs, but the story might work for you!

  26. Grand Pyrenees.... he is a gentle giant.
    His name is "Patrick!"
    He's not my dog, actually...
    He is a canine companion at a Nursing Home!
    So he has like, 100's of smooches and snuggles a day!
    Every time I visit there, he greets me at the door.


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