23 October 2010

taking up less space odyssey

Some days are just like that...
smashing pumpkins

Thus Stuttered Zarathustra

Some days, it's not so easy!

Hungry for more 
(But more of what - that is the question)

Hey - I'm floatin' here!

 Hey - I'm walkin' here!

Other days are just like that - "daze"

Or like "Daisy"
Give me your answer - do
Don't taze me, bro!

Alot of days are more like this
(from the interwebs)

The new camera likes the fall


Medium - well, please.

Hope you are knowing that
it's all good!


  1. no carbs for lady gaga but she's a trippin on that high protein dress!

  2. OOOHHH the stuttering!!! Dang. At least its majestic stuttering! :-D For some reason, the pic of the guy in space "Hey - I'm floatin' here!" gave me a giggle-fit!

  3. Ratso Rizzo ...I shoulda ran him over ! LOL

  4. So that's Lady GaGa? Shows how much (little) I get out. :) I don't watch TV. Don't read the rags. But I do love movies, including 2001, which I saw on the big screen when it was released, along with Midnight Cowboy, which I wrote a term paper on (in a different life!)

    For the zillionth time: I love love love your blog. When I miss a day or two I always go back and play catch up, lol, as if I'm afraid of missing out on something rare and zenly beautiful.


  5. Ah, Anne - thanks for your comment on my blog just now, I knew you'd understand.

    And yes - it IS an Odyssey, isn't it. An endless quest, even.

  6. ichiwawa!!!

    That video through me into a temporal vortex, taking me back to junior high when I'd have to sit and listen to orchestra practice after school, cuz my sister played violin and our Mom wouldn't come to pick us up til orchestra practice was over. And boy, did they NEED the practice. :-O


  7. Love the gaga :)
    You definitely take up less space now!!


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