02 October 2010

dreaming of an orange xmas

Just like the ones we used to know?

Argyle is always a Texas treat.
Autumn only lasts a few weeks here. If that.

People are already ready for it 

Have a sample - after all, they are free!
(That's what she said!)
But they really aren't sugar-free!

A Peaceful Dinner
(from yesterday evening)

Now this might be the perfect job.
Right up there with being a mattress tester.

And off to work I go. Ride with me?

YouTube Video.
Dallas traffic - early morning. 
The "High Five"  Interchange. 
Very tall -  goes 5 levels up!
Only interesting if you are from a small town.
Hope your weekend is wonderful!
And your eating is spot-on, and peaceful.
(So to speak!)


  1. Isn't that what we all want, spot on peaceful eating. Never thought to use peaceful but know eactly what you mean. I kept waiting for you to talk lol.

  2. Peaceful eating. That's genius...a perfect visual. And mattress tester? Oh my gosh, I want that job! ;-)

  3. Do you think most actors break into the business that way - walking around as a product endorsemen? LOL And the poor guy gets to watch you snap a photo of him. He probably thought, "Greeeat, that's right, snap my picture, Blondie, because this is how I want to be remembered ..." LOL

  4. I drove around the block to get his picture.
    So he knew I was there.
    If you look close, he's giving me a "thumbs up!"
    At least I think that's what it is.

    Often, I want to run off to California,
    And take a job holding up a sign.
    Probably pays more than what I do now!

  5. That's just crazy with the pumpkins under the christmas tree...seriously...who would do that? lol

  6. I hope there are no springs inside his mattress suit!!! :-D peaceful weekend eating to you also!

  7. Pumpkins of all sizes. We are packing up all our belongings and will move the end of this month to a place about 65 miles from here. Lots to do in this month. Yikes. Hope you are doing well.

  8. Christmas trees and pumpkins? Oh, time is going by way too fast. I love Halloween too, but in a couple of weeks.

  9. That highway was cool. I hope you weren't videoing and driving...LOL

  10. I was thinking the same thing about videoing and driving lol. You be careful! Don't risk your life for us! :)
    That high way is crazy, I bet it's worse later in the day huh? I HATE driving, I don't do expressways, especially not THAT one!!!

  11. WOW it seems we have Christmas and Halloween coming at us quickly......drive carefully. It seems you are enjoying Texas, is it true that everything is bigger and better in Texas, all I know is they love football and have oil rigs... hey that sounds like Alberta. Have a great weekend......:-)Hugs

  12. High 5 Anne!

    Yeah I heard those sign holders make good money. I could see you working the sign like no other! So where was that bedhead / mattress man going dressed like that?

  13. Your dinner looks sad like my dinners... ;-(

    Polar's Mom

  14. Hope your weekend rocks, Anne! :-)

  15. Pumpkins under the christmas tree, for some odd reason I like that. matress testers, maybe thats a job for me with Narcolepsy I could sleep all the time. lol. have a good day tomorrow, hugs.

  16. Don't know why, but that bright purple pumpkin made me laugh!



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