04 October 2010

another day day

Another day pseudo-fasting
Just protein mix today

Pretty big flags

This sugar-free frozen yogurt 
place went belly - up!
Is there a connection? I'm just sayin'...

Good reading at work - guess who's lucky!

Inside this book was a BMI calculation:
Weight (in pounds) x 700
Divide by height (in inches)
Divide that answer by height (in inches) again

Still overweight, by golly.

Hmmm. Feels like I am forgetting something....
Just kidding... but almost not!


So much can change in one short year...
This is after I came back from Canada... and now....
After I had lost about 30 pounds. 
It's still a work in progress.

Protein Mix w/ SF Ginger Ale
Protein Mix w / LoCarb Monster
Instant Coffee made w/raw milk
About a ton of water... maybe less than a ton...

Another week  - another day - is another chance
to make things better! Hope your week is enlightened!


  1. First photo: Eating air!

    I iz so pwowd of mysef... I finely got da joke!


  2. Amazing what you can achieve in 12 months with effort and determination! :o)

  3. Great shorts pic... Awesome.. Counting Crows song in my head... "Wish I was a Girl".....

  4. Love your pics, you look great!! I'm gonna have to try the protein powder in the sf ginger ale, sounds good!

  5. "Hope your week is enlightened." I like that! As always, you just plain make me smile! ;-)

  6. Good Morning!
    I love to start off my morning with your great pics and posts :)

  7. You're missing a shirt that is two times bigger than you need? Oh, wait ... you mean the pants. Well, if my legs looked that good, I wouldn't want to wear pants either.

  8. Yes, Canada!
    I've met many Bloggers from all around!


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