12 October 2010

think pink

"Pink Heals" Fire Engine on tour all over!
Firefighters that are not afraid to wear pink! (link)

Or red - as in - pretty poppy notebook
Note the new pens!

"Pen Again" has a wishbone shape (the red one) and
"Yoropen" is offset - also good for Lefties.

Ended up parking next to a former fitness center
Had a really yukky swamp pool...

All kinds of stink was coming from this place....
Just creepy ....

An overgrown and abandoned volley-ball area

Pretty blue sky - green trees, though

I threw myself into my little Hospice job today - 
I seldom have "bad" days...
Maybe only 5 bad days in 20 years of Nursing.
Not because I'm special. I just don't go to 
work if I don't feel I can give it my best.
Last fall, I took over a month off!
(And then some...)
Today was a very rewarding day!

And that was before I read all of your kind words
and supportive comments on my recent posts!
Thank you all very much for your support.
It really means the world to me.

This blurb of white light is the moon.
When I think of the moon lately, it's just a little sliver of light.
Poor little moon. Needs a boost or something.

Cooler nights this week.
At last!
Didn't eat today, but I did have 3 protein shakes.
I feel good the first day of an all-liquids fast.

For my protein shake, I use Concentrated Whey and 
Isolated Whey mixed together...with sugar-free
ginger ale or Monster drink, etc....
Very low carb, low fat and really filling
Oh yeah, and it tastes really good!
Hope your week is wonderful!


  1. I LOVE that pink fire truck! How creepy about the fitness center- you find the most interesting places!

  2. The pink firetrucks site is great. Years ago breast cancer was a subject men avoided. For men to participate in raising money for breast cancer research and eradication shows how far men have come.
    Your new pens are interesting. I can tell I don't get out much. Ha.

  3. I write so much that my handwriting has gotten pretty bad.
    These ergonomically designed pens really help!
    For any one who still actually writes things!

  4. The pool and volleyball court stirred feelings of sadness. I can imagine that once upon a time there were good times there. Nothing can flourish without love and attention... that goes for bodies, cars and most obviously with landscaping. Just prior to reading your blog I looked at my houseplants with the same kind of sadness and said ya you are alive but it doesn't look like you are thriving... to which I heard...and whose fault is that? I talk to my plants and they talk back but where they got that lip?

  5. What brand of protein do you use??

  6. I love pink! That abandoned volley-ball picture is strange. This is what happens when you don't exercise - lol.

    Anne, I love hospice nurses. In my opinion they are right up there with angels. My dad was in hospice with Cancer for 8 months. They thought he would only live for about 3 weeks. The nurses there were absolutely wonderful...I'm getting goose bumps typing this. Thank you, Anne, for being a hospice nurse...you are special.

  7. I love getting new pens and pads and stuffs for my desk and writing! The more brightly colored the better. Makes me happy :-)
    And your mention of the moon being a tiny sliver of light reminded me that my son used to call those types of moons "Toe nail moons" when he was very small hehehe. Have a great day Anne!

  8. I'm a lefty! I love the pink fire truck too.

  9. WOW Anne you are looking fantastic !

    and your blog is as delightful as ever

    love winnie

  10. I have to wonder how much it cost to paint the firetruck pink. Is it pink all year round?

    Hmmm...protein shake - sounds good. I think i'll have one for dinner: not really in the mood to cook :) although I have been craving egg salad!

  11. Just think of the TX birds breeding in that pool (that would be mosquitos to te rest of us - they grow 'em big in Tejas) ... nothing more lonely than that net though.

    I'm glad you're having a good day! How does your weight do, drinking just the protein shakes? Does it respond quickly to that?

    No swimming in the pool, but otherwise, have an adventurous day/evening!

  12. Cool truck. Cool pens. Cool post. Glad your feeling better.

  13. I have to tell you i'm hooked on taking protein drinks to work for "dinner" they satisfy and are easy to pack :) Thanks!


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