14 October 2010


This YouTube Video 
shows Tibetan Monks "debating."
Very much like the Monks I watched last week  (link)

The event was pretty noisy and lots of clapping 
- to dispel negative energy -
The woman next to me jumped - startled.
When it was over, she got up to leave 
in a hurry.... she had an "accident" in the chair.

I guess debates are a part of every day life.....
But I just choose to walk away. Lately though, 
it is my task to stay, and take some of the heat.
Like when friends and co-workers "debate."

I got a migrane instantly today at work,
after some nurses were "debating" amongst themselves.
 Almost fell out in the 7-11,
trying to buy a Monster Drink to take some Advil with!

Uphill both ways

Downhill both ways

Legendary and "Morning" - not "Mourning"

Now what - I'm projecting my headache onto skin wrap?

A long road in the country

Poor creature has a sack over his eyes

A pining, pondering, ponderosa pine

Peace to my mirrors - dusty as they may be!

Then home for a salad with all the trimmings

What trimmings? These trimmings!
If you were here, I would share!

A happy ending with a block of TexMex cheese
made with raw milk - even the cows are happy!
The day did get better. Soon, I forgot all about the headache!
I think it was too much - or not enough caffeine!
Just kidding. Really. Just kidding!
Hope your day is super-dee-duper awesome!


  1. Haha. The sack is actually netting to keep the flies off his/her eyes.

    But I figure you knew that...

    That' the kind of happy ending I dig! ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  2. Er, uh, yeah - 'course I knew that... about the flies -
    Yeah, that's it.... for uh, a fly in the eye...
    (I really didn't know - but thanks for telling us!)

  3. That looks like some mighty fine cheese.

  4. Oh that cheese looks delish!! Peace back attcha :)

  5. I love your photo dialogs.
    The salad looks awesome. Dear Lord, I want me some of that cheese!

  6. Flies in their eyes, poor horses

  7. You have the most awesome salad photos... really, they never look the same, and you have all these ingredients I wouldn't think of. And they just LOOK so pretty.

  8. I'm loving the salad photos too- beautiful!

  9. Glad you're feeling better. As always I love the pics. I don't like confrontation either. Even if I'm not involved. That's why I don't like reality TV....lol.

  10. I despise confrontation. well not despise because that takes too much negative energy--but I avoid--I avoid!!!
    I also want some of that cheese....yummy!!

  11. A horse is lo carb right... Loves ya

  12. I could eat a horse!

    but I'll have the cheese instead :)

  13. do you have any idea
    how much I enjoy
    your photographic
    and poetic trips
    each day?
    H * U * G * E * L * Y

    your salads always
    make me ravinous

  14. I`m clapping but it aint to dispel anything.....it`s to applaud your gifts for today

    p.s. your skin is sublime.....

    hugs winnie

  15. I think sometimes it would be wise for us to wear the same kind of sack over our head so we're not easily discouraged or overcome by all the negative "gnats" flying around us!!

    That car! Wow!

    And your salad looks DELISH!

  16. Yes, I prefer to not participate in most debates. My ego wants to jump right in for, of course, *I* have all the answers! :)

    Thanks for another enlightening post.



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