25 October 2010

click test

The new little camera going through some pesos...
Might just be ok, after all...

This week, I might also get to help film a 
video "orientation" for work... since I can
actually convert iMovie files for YouTube.
Seems all that goofy video stuff might have been
good experience, after all!

Listening to AudioSlave tonight...
Thinking about things....
Having a pretty calm day, actually.

Hope your day is calm and happy!


  1. Cool pics I especially like the last one with you and your reflection. Every time I read your blog I wish I could come hang out *smile*.

  2. Thanks! Any time ya'll are in DFW, let's do lunch!
    I try, but I wonder if I am really as much fun
    "in real life..." *sigh*

    My fave pic is the spider - I was standing way far away from him,
    and the focus is still great - you can see a hair or a strand or something!
    Click any pic to enlarge...

  3. Great photos! The skies are amazing.

    What's that beige stuff on the top in the food photo?

  4. I was really enjoying the pics 'til the spider!! OMG, I hate spiders..they give me the heebie jeebies!! The rest of them are super cool, though!

  5. I love the pics (well except the spider one - little bit of arachnophobia here). Loved the last one.

  6. the spider is HIDEOUS!! ACCCKKKK!!!!! Last year in our old house, a HUGE HUGE wolf spider crawled calmly out of the master bath, past the bed I was lounging on. I had a briefly immobilizing kiniption fit, and then trapped him under a box lid for hubby to kill when he got home! It was so magnificently huge, he photographed him after smashing him for posterity. I hate to kill things, but spiders are an exception, I guess like most they really freak me out! Poor things!

  7. I actually don't mind spiders :)
    Love your pic's of course!!
    Calm and happy is the way i try to be.

  8. Beautiful photos. The salad looks pretty dang good too!

    Very calm day for me too. Feeling whole.

  9. "...in real life" lol Haven't you heard? Life is but a dream. :)

    I've met 2 bloggers in dreams. *You* are one of them. *You* were a blast! Dancing and more dancing. I swear I was sore when I woke up! lol


  10. Hey Anne, You and your new camera work well together. These are some great shots-- especially that last one. Very cool.

    Have fun with the video. You're so good with that stuff that I'm sure it will turn out great.

    Happy Monday!

  11. You have a photographers eye for sure. Spiders give me a stomache ache -- especially if they are anywhere near my bed or shower.

  12. YUK! I HATE spiders. I would have to be a long way away or a super zoom before I could take that pic. smile.

  13. Ooo. Chris Cornell. Looks like the new camera is working quite well.

  14. Floriana - those are pork rinds!
    I use them as croutons!

  15. Great photos. I love the camera (taking pics, not posing for them).


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