06 October 2010

fall colors

The brilliant colors of Autumn arrive....
in stores daily.

The sights and sounds of another season are here...
this week only

A hint of color change in the air

Moonlight, magnolias and mocha - a perfect trifecta

A surprise chin shot

Words to live by - that's what she said

Unknown and don't wanna guess

A wee bit of a chill in the air

YouTube Video
The classical music station is going 
Vivaldi Crazy this week!
Hope your day is going well!


  1. Hope your weekend brings you joy

  2. Hey! I bought some of those fall colored washcloths yesterday at wally world! It was so cold this morning I wore three layers.

  3. Check out Vivaldi Five Seasons
    Fabulous CD!!!
    And, yes, it is Five

    Love the socks
    What a hoot!!!

    Tree colors fabulous in St. Paul
    much less as I've headed north today
    but still pretty

  4. I always crack up at the color-themed washcloth sets!

  5. I want a touch it wash.

    Polar's Mom

  6. As always, love the pics! You should see it here...everything is orange and red...on some trees the leaves fall like snow.

  7. I saw a booger..... Just kidding.

    thank you. I love my blogger friends

  8. It's nice you have Fall colors in the stores. I actually spotted a HUGE Christmas section at the mall the other day. Sheesh.
    Cheers, jj

  9. Hee hee.. .we have SPRING colours and flowers everywhere! LOVE IT. Hope you don't mind winter coming?

  10. That 1st tree photo looked like a huge pot plant at first glance; just sayin...

  11. Oh my, what is that inflatable creature standing atop the Touch It Wash!??? Ahhhhh!!!! hehe
    Magnolias are a fave flower of mine, but here in the northeast they blom for literally like 2 weeks in early spring, fall off and die before you know it. Do you have them on the trees now?!
    And I love vivaldi--winter the best!


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