24 October 2010

dark day

A great day for a tornado!
Sirens went off all day yesterday.

The little people in the little town I went to - 
they actually asked me to leave.

I get that alot, lately.
Said they had me "all figured out" the minute 
I walked in the door.  Don't really know what that means.

I'm who the company calls when a nurse gets sent home. 
I'm the negotiator person they send into troubled cases.
Very few times I couldn't "win back" the room.
Or at least neutralize the situation.
Or at least "agree to disagree."

In Nursing or in real life.

So for me to be asked to leave -
they can't even tolerate me for a few hours?
When I'm there to help their loved one -

I am doing my best to not take it personally.
Even when it is exclusively "personal."
But in a "general way."

The night nurse was easily 350 + pounds.
When she left, the comments started about her.
I should have known it was just a matter of time
before they started in about me.

They said I am "arrogant."
Actually, I am anything but!

This rejection thing...
Made it a good day to drive around in the country
taking pictures with the new camera.

I got out to take some of these pics. The sky looks electric - 
Indeed - lightening stuck a few times very near by.

That has happened, too. Twice in my life, lightening
struck the trees near a house where I was.
For years, I couldn't wear a watch. Everything I 
touched, I would short out. Grrrrr.

Not so much electricity anymore.
Just the sky. Me and the sky.

Hope your weekend is great - 
"Try and don't worry so much!"


  1. LOVE that first photo ... the kind of scene that just makes you want to curl up under the covers.

    People in the middle of the grieving process, in my experience, gravitate to the extreme of their nature. They either are very sweet and kind, or NOT so much so - perhaps taking out frustrations on those committed to serving. You, unfortunately, got the latter type of personalities in that last assignment.

    Or, they are just ignorant.

    Either way, have a monster drink to them and hope they find happiness someday.

    Send some of that Texas rain our way. We're still in drought conditions. We love our Carolina Blue Skies (as we call it), but it is nice to see a cloud every so often ...

    Practically Cactus Annie ...

  2. Sorry to hear you got rejected but it sounds clearly like a family issue there for sure. To bad your day off couldn't be better weather.

  3. Fabulous pictures, I love a good storm! Never been near a lightning strike, but I have never been able to wear a watch...after a couple days, they always stop working!

  4. Dark, yes. I'm sorry. How upsetting! Not a pleasant thing to happen to you, but don't take it to heart. And wow, those photos are terrific, particularly the first one. The new camera is proving it is up to the task!

  5. I'd say that the family is in upheaval, what with a loved one dying, but you know what? We had hospice come in when my Grandmother was dying and we didn't treat our nurse with anything but gratitude for her help. So I think those people are just nasty in general. And unfortunately for you, you had to deal with them. But I'll bet they are not pleasant to most anyone they come in contact with. And too bad for the patient who actually needed your care - bet if it was his/her choice, you would have been allowed to stay.

    OK, off my soapbox now. I just get so peeved when people can't be nice.

  6. We are in different states, but we still drove down the same road today. Wish I could have taken pictures, but the rain was too bad.

  7. Okay, that just plain stinks, but most folks are not at their best when a loved one is in need of hospice so it's almost like you have an automatic target on your back isn't it? You have one of the toughest jobs I can imagine-- physically and emotionally, so shame on others for not being gracious to hospice kindness. Caregivers and YOU deserve better than that.
    Grrrr. End of rant.

    Turning the corner-- Your new camera is awesome.

    Hope the rest of your day is bright and your week MUCH easier. xo jj

  8. The new camera may be nice, but it is the photographer who is awesome ... good eye !!


  9. Amazing Photo's by an Amazing Woman.

    Some people react badly in a grieving situation and take it out of those who are trying to help.
    I have a dear friend who is a professional like you and she beleives the good out weighs the bad in caring for the terminally ill. I am sure you fell the same way.

    Sending hugs from Maine, hopefully they will get there a bit quicker as they are a a few thousand miles closer that usual xx


  10. Mis (dis) placed anger?? Some people just don't know where to put their anger, and lash out indiscriminately. Sorry you happened to be today's target. They've lost control of a situation they thought they had handled, and you were the unlucky target of their frustration. They are lucky to have a caregiver such as you, and I'm sure they know that....they just chose to ignore it for now. Chin up.

  11. whatever....

    if I could only have it all figured out in moments, I could conquer the world!!!

  12. Dark day here too!
    Some people you just can't do anything right. I always try to not worry so much :) Works sometimes

  13. Awesome photos Anne. Sucks you were asked to leave! How rude! lol

  14. Sorry about being asked to leave....it is hard not to take it personally as rejections hurts. In this case though Anne, I don't think you should take it personally, these people probably have a lot on their minds. Your too sweet for them to be mean to you.
    I love all the photos but my favorite is the narrow road where it has rained, so real and so pretty, I love the trees......:-) Hugs

  15. Beautiful pics as always and freaky about shorting things out?! I am lucky enough that I have never experienced a situation like the families you have to visit and help but I guess the emotions must run very high!! I think it must be a huge compliment that you're the one they send in in touchy situations. It means you're patient, diplomatic, uber-compassionate and kind. If they didnt want to partake of your loveliness, thats their loss!

  16. Wow, sorry about you day of 'rejection', but you're right. Don't take it personal :)
    Great pictures as ALWAYS!
    That's cool about shorting out everything... you sound like a super hero!!! (I'm sure you didn't see it that way though huh? lol)

  17. I am sorry you were treated this way, but please don't take it to heart. It's their stuff, it's about them, not you. I hope you've been able to remove some of the sting of this. You are a wonderful person who does meaningful, amazing work. Please do your best to let this go.


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