17 October 2010

fall training

My own "personal" bike trainer!
I got mine on craigslist for about $100

It goes on the hub of the back tire of the bike.
And a little cam goes against the tire, for resistance.
You can add as much or as little as you prefer!
Kinda like in life, itself.... Just saying....

It feels like you are riding outside!
Now you can train indoors, all winter long.
No more reconditioning next Spring!
Rain? Snow? Night? Big Butt?
No Problem!
So your "real" bike can double as an exercise bike!

Just don't stick your fingers in the spokes 
to see if it's working. It is. Trust me.

This was April 2010 - I've dropped since then!
More like "adjusted," cuz my weight is the same.
Maybe all the blood vessels and cells take time to adjust.

A note about the scale.
The scale is a tool - that we can use to build with.
It's feedback - nothing more. 
It cannot define us. It might not even be accurate!
A little more; a little less..... on target!

We have a scale - it does not "have" us!

Success is a "range" and not a pin-point on a map....
...or a scale! Your dead body might weigh less,
but what good will it do ya? Unless you are a Zombie.
In which case - carry on!

Here is my typical salad - "scaled down"
for my new effort at lowering my fat intake.
No extra jazz - just salad, dressing, plate, fork.
And in this case, albacore tuna.
My hat is off (so to speak) to all the WW people,
And calorie counters/points - whatever!
It Sucks (note the capital "S") and it's not fun!

This is my FitDay thing. 
They must cringe when a LoCarb person plots their numbers!
Allow me to defend / explain myself. 
The corrections are forthcoming:

➯ The milk is raw  (link) - and I use it for coffee in the morning. OMG!
No immediate plans to get another gallon, after this one is gone.
But for sure, Miss Lucky Layla, (la vaca) we will meet again!

➯ The Pistachio nuts are another indulgence that is "on hold" for now.
Besides, this says "a cup." Mine are shells on = one cup.
So.... much less than reported here.   (link)

➯ Also, I am switching to (mainly) fish and chicken. 
Already shopped for them. 
Boo yah! Or is that "MOO-yah!"

➯ The egg whites are "All Whites - 100% Liquid Egg Whites" Brand.
The label (and link) says no fat. Meh!

➯ My protein mix has like 1 gram of fat.
Half concentrated + half isolated whey.
Added to Monster LoCarb Energy Drink.
Absolute Zero is my new fave!
I try for 75 - 100 grams of protein a day.
My usual fat intake is about 70 grams a day.
However, only about 20 carbs.... so it's "ok"
And it works well for me!
Somedays it's only like 1,000 calories or less.
Conventional "wisdom" is out - for LoCarb, eh?
But yeah, honestly - rather than do without quality!
I would rather just do an Alternate Day Fast. (again)
Rather than give up the taste and texture of some foods 
that have been chemically modified, altered or stripped of fat.

I once felt the same about artificial sweeteners. But I see them
as a tool - a necessary "evil" - But the kind I'm glad I have!

Might just have protein shakes every other day.
The mix has all kinds of vitamins added. 
Plus my own supplements. Just
for a couple of weeks. See how it goes.
I could live with that!
Thanks for reading!
It really is all good!


  1. Does the trainer track miles too? This looks like a great thing to have for winter. I went out and rode 10 miles in the rain showers today.

  2. I must look for one of those bike thingamajigs :)

  3. I'm curious, Anne, how tall are you?

    Hubby wants one of those bike thingamajigs, but I don't think it's in our budget this year :(

  4. I have one of those doo hickeys for my bike ( I posted a pic on my blog). I love it! A friend gave me one he wasn't using anymore.

  5. I have a treadmill I don't use! It sits right beside the tv...a big 52 inch big screen. I know, I know The Shame!LOL!

    I've tried every trick in the book. I've even gone to bed with my socks on so in the morning I don't have to look for any, just slip on the shoes and go, go, go! No Dice!

    I'm not giving up on our relationship though...one day my treadmill and I will come together in harmony!

  6. I love your discipline Anne, if only I had a quarter of it I would be happy. Have a great week.
    .......:-) Hugs

  7. I love the bike thingey! You could attach a playing card with a clothespin and have that awesome motorcycle type sound going on like we did when we were kids.

  8. I want one of those bike things! I've never heard of those!
    You look like you've lost since that picture, you must be right about all the adjusting the body does :)
    You look great!

  9. Auntie Mandy - I am 5'2"
    And in November, I will be 50!
    I put that back on the sidebar -
    Thanks for asking!

  10. night night Anne. Look forward to tomorrow :)

  11. Sounds like you have a good plan for yourself going. I don't even have a bike so no thingamagiggie for me but it looks like a great idea.

  12. Hey, Anne! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am excited to find another low carb blog :)

  13. LOVE your training bike!! How coolio is that??

    I hate... no no... I loooooath calorie counting! Ack!! But sometimes you do what ya have to do... high five, chicka!!

  14. I've always wanted one of those bike trainers. It looks like a great way to keep your "butt" in shape over the winter.

  15. Ugh you're totally right about the scale.....

  16. really good info. I really like the scale tool reading. I feel the same way. It took me a long time to get there though. smile.


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