18 October 2010

driving around thinking "life is good"

A cute, small church in a cute small town

The light was hitting the stained glass just right
Looks like a Hallmark card for Thanksgiving

A "free" trip downtown, eh?
And in a Sheriff's car, no less!

Dog Jerky - made from real dogs?
Just askin'....

Just another small town bait shop 
feed shop and gas station

By now, they are used to traffic from the Big City

Poor Tigger - not having a good day here!

Coffee, Monster, Water, Monster + coffee

My Fasting Day continues with great success.
I drank some coffee to stave off a headache.
And Monster to stave off a monster.
And Water, Water, Water.

Did I mention water?

Days like this I am glad I have had a little experience fasting.
Or else, I might be hungrier. 

8,000 steps and early to bed
I might actually sleep!

I feel like the kind Universe is singing me to sleep.
A cradle-rocking Love song.
Wow - I could get use to this...
What's it called? Being Happy?
Just Being?  zzzzzzzzzzz
I hope your kind heart fills up 
when you count the stars or
gaze at the moon - as you fall asleep tonight!


  1. Nice thought we all share the same stars and moon. Glad you're feeling happy today Anne me too *hug*.

  2. I love smart water!! Hope u sleep well!

  3. I need to go out camping again ***sigh**** I haven't seen the stars in a long time

    city lights drown them out

  4. Hey, when you can buy a Monster, worms, a rifle AND gasoline, all in one location, you KNOW you are in a small town ... toss in chicken feed and dog jerky, and shoot ... its heaven!

  5. You filll my heart with kindness.

    Night Night.

    Hugs Annie

  6. I kinda feel like tigger today
    where is my head anyway?

    admire you for fasting
    always sounds appealing to me
    but I don't do it
    and don't know why not

  7. Eeww, dog jerky. Other than that...life IS good. :)

  8. I love church architecture. Big ones. Small ones. Wood exterior. Stone. You name it.

    Have you ever tried drinking warm water when you're hungry? I've found that to be helpful while fasting. It seems to soothe my entire system.

  9. Lalalala.....
    Well, the sky is still there!
    Been looking at it for hours now.
    Finally decided to get up.
    Harry, the hot water did the trick!

  10. Love the ride downtown in the Sheriff's car!
    Okay, you drink all that water and are driving all over the place. Do you have a steel bladder?

  11. That's a lot of water! I hope that you don't have any long trips when you're drinking that much water. ;) Hubby laughs at me because when we make a 3 hour drive we have to stop 2 or 3 times. lol

  12. You are totally crackin me up! Thanks for the smiles this morning.. big hug.. and I think the Universe is particularly fond of you, Anne ;) Just sayin!

  13. I guess Tigger didn't bounce. Love how the reactions of the other characters seem appropriate to the situation.

  14. Wowie Kazowie! You must know where every bathroom in the metroplex and surrounding areas is! You and my green starbucks straws help me drink more water daily.

  15. Oh My goodness, a ride in the Sherrifs car! For FREE! Do you think they would even turn the lights on? How exciting! You should do it, and come back and tell us all about it... better yet, make us a Vlog while you're in the car!!!

  16. Tigger's head is not made out of rubber there. Was the dude at the table eating bait?

    Glad you're feeling better.


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