05 October 2010

fall in love

Oops - I chopped it off!
Nice weather, at any rate...

Awesome day for a super salad

Pine nuts, ham, 3 kinds of cheese, dried cranberries....
Oh yeah, and lettuce

Earlier in the day.... Yummy mint and chocolate 
sugar-free fro-yo! From SugarLess deLights.

Kid's Art in an empty store window front

Not too shabby!

A Zombie Band

Fall - in love

"Only house with one color.
You need to noke to get scard and candy"

I feel so much better now that I'm
back on the caffeine - aaahhhhh!
[Low heart rate ♡ !! What can I say!]
Not quite 100%  - but that may never be again...
Wanted to go to a Tibetan Monk meditation tonight....
But it was downtown, and the traffic was in knots!
Perhaps in my next lifetime....
Hope your week is going awesomely!


  1. I like the one where you have to knock
    to get scared AND candy!

  2. I like the fall in love picture with the smirking heart.

  3. True - maybe you could knock on someone's door,
    Fall in Love -which can be a little scary......
    And be sweet as candy! Witha a little smirk, of course.
    just being silly!

  4. You can find that house easily. It is the ONLY house with one color! ??!!

    I'm going to dream in mint ice cream now ... or rather, sugar-free yogurt ...

  5. A Tibetan Monk meditation. Oh, how I MISS the different cultures but I especially miss YOU Anne!!!!

  6. I miss me, too....
    Thanks, RonRon!

  7. The website ships stuff anywhere.
    They are super nice guys, as well!
    But I dunno about shipping fro-yo!

  8. Mmm, love super salads, Anne. In fact, I'm having one for dinner tonight, but it doesn't look as nice as yours. BTW, I have been cracking up at your comments on other people's blogs...eg: TinaM of My Day...biting your hand...lol.

  9. Thanks, JM!
    *SomeOne* once challenged me to be a better commenter....
    So I took it to heart.... I always strive to meet the challenge.
    I try to do the same with my own blog.... better and better...

  10. Pine nuts! I haven't had those in years... it's going on my next shopping list. :-)

    Loved the kiddie art work, so free and fun!

  11. Oops, I chopped it off ... great first sentence. :D Love the kids' art.

  12. Thank you for your much needed reminder (as I write,this my husband is showing me how he has gone down another notch in his belt!! Not Fair!! UHG!)

  13. I should have written "for the much needed reminder" regarding a snail's pace :)

  14. The salad looks great, never heard of pine nuts, pine trees but not nuts, unless I am nuts about pine trees. goodnight my friend.

  15. Great salad, great kid art. Wishing you a great Wednesday, Anne.

  16. I love the drawings kids make, they're so cute. :)

  17. The salad looks delicious. What a nice day you had, weather and sights and mood all aligned with the universe.

  18. That salad looked awesome!!!! Added pine nuts to my list today what where your three cheeses??

  19. So....first of all, I love the salad. Even without HD monitor, it's lovely. Then, I love kid art. What a great thing for the store to display it. It's their first showing. Who knows how many artists may be in the making here? Very cool.

  20. LOVE that zombie band!!! and I dont know if Ive ever actually eaten pinenuts, pignoli as they say. But I would love to try some, so I think I'll pick some up!!! cant wait to have the sugarfree fro-yo stuff cuz it looks so yummers. So does your salad! I talked the cafeteria sandwich chef into making me a sandwich sans bread today! yay!
    Have an awesome wednesday Anne!

  21. I am so jealous of that ice cream. May have to make a trip to Dallas just for that! Plus to see you, of course. :)

  22. That salad looks good. It's starting to warm up here now so my thoughts turn to salad ... must plant some lettuce seeds!

  23. What a great idea ... lining empty store windows with art. I like it. I'd love for that trend to catch on.

    I hope this week treats you kindly, Anne. You certainly deserve it. :-)

  24. I'm so hungary
    I could eat your salad
    right off the screen
    oooooooh MG
    so delicious looking
    with pine nuts
    and chunks of this and that

  25. So when you chopped the temp pic in half, did it feel like only 37.5 F out? Either way, i agree, You need to noke to get scard and candy.


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