10 October 2010

constant craving

Music is a welcome sign.
At long last, I can tolerate myself again!
No, really.

2 sets of room-darkening shades.
The light - it burns!

Love accent lighting

A cat lamp on my bed-side table

Her little eyes light up

Love candles and incense burning

I buy it around this time of year - $10 worth lasts all year!

Hanging some pictures  - I've lived here since April!
And just now unpacking, and really making this place a home.

Peace from my red door to yours
Finally, my cravings are gone.
Just like that. With no "help" from me.
The cravings just went away. 
As fast as they came.
And this, after just 5 cans of 
"Cravings Be Gone!"
However, they were industrial sized....

Now, I can finally get back to the more
serious aspects of my life, that don't 
include these OCD-type cravings.

And since the middle of May, 
I never yielded to them.
Cuz it's never really just about the food.

My little home
(notice I didn't say apartment) 
has stayed clean all this time!

And I'm back to working those longer shifts.
I haven't worked my "real" job full-time
since I came back from Canada last year!

People I once knew really do a classic double-take
when they see me now! It had even been rumored
that I died. No wonder they think they are seeing a ghost!
The ghost of the former me!
Hope your weekend is awesome
With lots of balance and good things.

Happy 10.10.10!


  1. So glad the cravings are gone, and your house (apt.) is now a HOME!!

    Hey, I've seen your old "before" photos ... I'd have done double-takes too. You look AWESOME!

    So, the rumor is that you are dead? Ah-ha, that isn't Monster Juice, its ZOMBIE Juice!! (Cheeky grin) You look pretty gorgeous for a dead person.


  2. I love that cat lamp..cool all around.

  3. The Mizzuah is a keeper. You da bomb,,, And skinny..

  4. Your lamps are awesome. Well, actually, you are the awesome one and your lamps are cool.

  5. Love the lamps makes me want a cat one *smile*. I need more pictures on the walls and I've lived here almost 13 yrs lol.

  6. It's all awesome.....especially the cat lamp :)

  7. Craving gone=awesome!
    Cats, candles, incense= My BFF :)

  8. Your home is adorable. Glad you are back from the dead...lol cute lamp. you find the coolest things!

  9. Hurray! What a great day to realize your cravings are gone 10-10-10!

  10. All this for a buck ? You a funny chick,,

  11. Love your home! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
    I can't WAIT till people do a double take when they see me... someday :) It will be so awesome!

  12. Constant Craving is my favorite song by KD Lang. Her voice is incredible.

    Your place is beautiful! Love the colors and feel of it.

    Nice mezuzah. Are you Jewish? I didn't know. :)

  13. Not Jewish per se!
    Just have a mezuzah.
    And a yarmulke!
    I went to Parochial School growing up,
    And I'm not Catholic, either!
    Go figure!


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