27 October 2010

getting ready

Everyone's getting ready -
My neighbor's jack-o-lantern

Kyle is getting ready to eat some nuts

Food Network TV is ready to do some carving

These people are ready already

Miss Bar B Cutie - getting ready to eat

Getting ready to get out of these medium "harem" pants -
They have to be cuffed at the bottom. 
Even my shoes are a half -size too big now!

Getting ready to hurl be sick...  Expresso with lemon is not good.
Trust me when I say this to you...

Getting ready to play!
Whilst writing my notes the other day, a cat jumped up on the desk!
Seen here playfully biting my pen.

Some Nursing Homes have "free-roaming" cats and dogs....
They just "live there" and go here, there, and anywhere they choose.
The Residents love them. And the cat has 30 Grandmothers!
So it's win-win...

I'm getting ready to have a dreamy-good day off !!

Hope you are doing the same!


  1. What did you eat at Barbie Cuties? Hey, you're blonde and thin, so you Barbie-esque ... the cutie goes without saying!

    Espresso and lemon? I'm not that brave. Or, I have taste. Not sure which.

    Enjoy that day off!

  2. Where I'm from --"the sticks" we don't say "Getting ready" we say "Fixin to"....When I worked in home health we would take our nursing bag in to the house and have to put it on a barrier and follow a special procedure for washing our hands and opening things. ( State surveyors for Medicare are particular)...Invariably, my patients had cats and the cats would snuggle on top of my "aseptic" bag area.....have a good day off.

  3. Enjoy your day off!!
    Kyle is very focused on those nuts :)

  4. Kitty does remind me of Dreamy. :)

    Have a Great Day Off.


  5. Awesome news on getting out of those harem pants and into size smalls!!!

  6. Lemon & coffee! Who are you?!

    Signed a free roaming internets kitty,

  7. That is so cool about the cats at the homes.

    Thanks for the warning about the coffee and lemon. Yuck!

    Enjoy your day off!

  8. Lemon Expresso - I know, right?
    Seemed like such a good idea at the time....
    Like soooo many other quote - unquote learning experiences...

  9. Hey, lemon goes nice with espresso. Mostly just the rind, though. :) And Cardamon. And just plain sucralose.

    I like coffee. A lot. :D

  10. ooohh that jack o lantern scares me !.....not sure i like Halloween...
    That little kitten sure looks like Dreamy.

    Have a good day off love winnie xoxo

  11. love the kitty. And I bet the rest of the people do too. smile.

  12. Hope your day off is awesome.

  13. So far so good. But this week is liking to surprise me with suckitude. So I shan't hold my breath. Seems to be lurking around every corner. With it comes a little sunshine. I try to keep my eye on it.

  14. Have a great day too! Love your blog and thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog.

  15. YEAH to a day off.
    I'm ready for Halloween too... And Godson's pumpkin carving b-day party on Saturday.
    Enjoy! jj

  16. awww that's cute about the animals- I hear that they are great in nursing homes and the people love them!

  17. Hope you have a great day. here kitty.

  18. What on earth is a day off?
    Maybe in 10 years when the last two have left home!

  19. been missin' you
    glad to be back!

    free roaming kitties in nursing homes
    are definitely the cat's meow!

    don't know when you put up
    new and colorful profile picture
    it's a dandy!

    I gotta write a new post
    so bye for now

  20. I am not a Halloween fan but this is a fun post.
    Enjoy your day off sweetie....:-) Hugs

  21. A cat with 30 people to pet and feed it. Better than 30 people to pet and feed 1 cat.


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