18 October 2010


This is beef, bratwurst, and cabbage.
Ate some, and made soup with the rest.

Overnight in my Little Mother's CrockPot.
Added onions, garlic, beef and chicken broth.
Rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, and fish sauce.

(Rest Mother's little soul - she died already)
I wanted an updated version,
(Of the CrockPot - not Mother)
But I love this one sooo.....cuz it was hers.

Cook the soup and forget about it 
in the fridge for a day.
Then warm it up again - It's twice as good!

Soup is handy - you can freeze little portions for later.
Which is exactly where this soup is going!

I did my hair with powdered bleach.
I knew Hydrogen Peroxide was just a 
"gateway" product into the "hard stuff!"

And to think, I once cried over my hair!
(Must have been an expectation.)
Tears?  *Poof!* Be gone! You have no power here!
Except for happy tears!

However, I greatly underestimated 
the strength of  bleach!  That stuff ate my hair's liver!

So now my hair is - let's just say - a wee bit shorter!
But it's ok because I didn't lose my lunch over it.

I'm much more curious about the reasons,
than upset about the outcome.
(A perfect weight-loss metaphor!)

I'm still enchanted with hair color...
 My "beginner's luck" is fading, maybe because
I am expanding my horizons exponentially....

Like a couple, when they have their first spat.
It's bound to happen sooner or later.
So we fix it, and get back to loving it!
And learn a little bit in the process.
Ya know, I think I might be getting better.
Compared to last year's "almost nervous breakdown!"
Yes - indeed. It took a while.
But not much phases me lately.

No hatred. No anger. No angst.
Just ok-ness and sleeping better
at night. But still not 100%.

That will come with time.
 Peace, happy, puppies, kitties, rainbows, unicorns.
It feels like I just woke up from a nightmare.
Golly - this was a difficult year!
Thanks for everyone's support and comments.
Makes life much more pleasant.

Instead of dreading and fearing it,
I am actually looking forward to next year -
and next month, turning 50!
Things might just work out ok, after all!
The "Eating Less Fat" plan is kinda on - kinda off.  
I don't eat butter anymore, right from the freezer. 
*Don't scoff - it's good!*
But I am opting for the liquid protein meals instead.
That's already what I'm doing *mostly*

I need to check out the book reference about visceral fat.
By Dr Eades... thanks, Judith for the info on the book!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I'm not a cabbage lover but soup still looks good. No hair experimenting for me yet but I keep thinking about it.

  2. You're welcome! Your hair is looking great. Short ... but great! Glad you're feeling better ... getting better every day.

  3. I like Napa cabbage, so I would make this in the crock pot. Your describing your new attitude and how this year was better for you than the previous year is wonderful to read. I so wish for you that you continue in the positive work and more joy in your life.

  4. Soup is great. I make soup a lot.

    Bleach is very harsh on the hair - I used to bleach mine once upon a time. Dye is better. Has lots of conditioners, etc ... in it.

    I'm letting my color grow out. Will get a temp dye put in next month to get rid of the blonde & my line of colors. I figured I should enjoy my natural color while it lasts. I enjoyed highlites tho.

    Glad you are feeling better. That's what it felt like for me - waking up from a nightmare. It steadily got better. Then one day the light switch came on. The unicorns were standing there.

  5. If you hear the doorbell it's me wanting some soup!! Let me in :)

  6. Come on in!
    There's soup a-plenty!
    LoCarb Yummy!
    Almost like a stew.
    Bloggers, and people, and unicorns
    are welcome!

  7. Oh, this soup looks great! Its hard to find a low carb soup, I'm going to try this!

    Love your blog, I'm so happy to find others also doing low carb - but your happy pictures and great thoughts draw me in!

  8. I missed all that bad stuff, I'm just glad you are better now, even if it's not 100%
    Do you think we EVER feel 100%??? I'm not sure :)
    Thanks for you post, they always make me smile!
    You do NOT look like you're about to be 50.
    Thanks again :)


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