13 October 2010

no damn squirrels

A pretty in pink "table-scape"
2 large strawberries and whipped cream cheese

Ghosts of Halloween past

How pretty at a traffic light

The friendly construction guys come to save the day!

No Damn Squirrels Allowed
here at Bullwinkle's Pub!

I buy 10 pounds of protein at a time from Netrition.com

One is Concentrated Whey:
It is less expensive, more filling, and pretty common.
I mix it 50-50 with Isolated Whey:
It is more expensive, digests faster, and is "designer."

By combining them you get the benefits of both:
Hunger control now and later!

Mine are LoCarb...
I mix it with Sugar-Free Ginger Ale or some diet drink
or even a LoCarb Monster Energy Drink

When I am at work, driving,
I have one or two liquid meals a day.
Plus LoCarb snacks.
Then a great meal in the early evening,
once I get home. When I am at home all day,
I might not have the protein at all. It just depends.

My "great" meal might be - 
Salad. Grilled Burger.
Grilled Chicken. Fish.
Eggs. Soup. Something good!

Today I had the two mixes for two meals.
And two hard-boiled eggs, a couple of 
cubes of cheese, and pistachio nuts!
No hunger what-so-ever.
And oodles of water.
When I got home, I made beef with cabbage!

My neighbor's Trick Or Treat costume.
Is it me, or do I resemble The Hamburglar?
Meh - it's progress, at any rate....
Hope your week is glee-full!


  1. You are famous this morning! Or even more so than before - you're named in Jack Sh*t's poetry slam!

    Have a great day, Anne. Love The Burgler costume!

  2. No damn squirrels allowed...love it!

    And here's my amusing observation the last few days. As I was driving in Indiana, I found myself mentally putting captions to some of the things I was seeing. ;-)

    I realized Anne H was rubbing off on me and I loved it!! Love to read your blog first thing in the morning...it's starts my day off with a smile and a chuckle. Thanks for being you!

  3. Isn't it funny how everything you see is a blog post??! It's good to know that I am not the only one doing it. :)

    Uh..I happen to like squirrels. I'm sad to say that I won't be visiting THAT bar. Hrumph. Hee! Hee!

  4. Right - I love me some little fuzzy squirrels, too!
    I'm sure they didn't mean ALL squirrels....
    Just the "damn" ones....
    I don't make the potty-mouth news---
    I just report it!


  5. Squirrels are ok on lo carb... Yummy,,, And as Alf said... "A cat, a tasty cat..." Always making me smile, thanks Anne

  6. I'm not a friend to squirrels. I had one attack me and I still have a scar on my finger. Beware the squirrel.
    When I was growing up we took in all kinds of wild animals to rehabilitate and we always got squirrels. They never liked me for some reason. Birds did fine with me.

    I'm kind of stalking your blog to get low carb ideas. Just so you know. :)

  7. That's exactly what I thought, Anne...Hey, the hamburglar...only skinny!

  8. Loved the pink polka dot table setting... and the hilarious Bullwinkle signage!

    Yep, youz is famous-er now! A limerick, no less! LOL!


  9. A skinny hamburgler-ette with boobs! hehe sorry could not resist!!! And I dont much like squirrels since one apparently chewed a wire in my car last fall and caused it to not start!! But as long as they keep those type of munchies controlled from now on I suppose they're ok!
    I need to investigate this protein powder mixture thing.....

  10. Love the pink. Love the firetruck. And love all your new images. Wow, you have come far, Pinky! Bravo!

  11. You look like a very fabulous Hamburglar. You've done fantastic.

    There was a talking moose head in Evil Dead the musical. I think it even sang. Never mentioned squirrels.

  12. I am going to buy some protein, I did a shake today and I was full and no hungries today!!! I think you discovered something here!!!

  13. I would recognize that dimple anywhere? That costume can't fool me!


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