14 October 2010

around town

Nighttime Pumpkin Festival

Virtual Me

Lots of Factories in my city

Auto Repairs and Tortilla Factory

A Muscle Factory

Pansies for fall and winter here

A Moose Muffler!
Eat Less - Move More - yes, yes; I know.
But the protein mixes work best for me.
Protein is the "key to the kingdom!"
LoCarb is merely implied - I sometimes think...

An awesome salad with all kinds of veggies
2 protein shakes throughout the day.
No hunger... lots of energy
Today I got asked to take pictures for a local magazine.
For a big upcoming Hospice event. We'll see how they turn out!
Had a long talk with a friend today about 
the events and non-events of this past year.
Never "in a million years" did I see this one coming.
Best and worst of times. It can really only get better!

Hope your week is all "onward and downward!"


  1. Nighttime Pumpkin Festival? You KNOW it is just a matter of time before they come up with the 24-Hour PumpkinFest. If you throw it, they will come.

    I liked the symmetry and sky of the factory photo. That is publication-worthy.

    Mostly, however, I like the then/now photos on your sidebar. And how amazing the transformation only took 18 months! THAT is inspirational ...

  2. I agree with Ann...you ARE an inspiration. And here's some serious congratulations on the photography gig. You are very deserving! You have a special and unique eye for beauty and for getting to the heart of the matter. I can't wait to hear how that goes.

  3. "Never in a million years" Wowzers! I like when stuff like that happens it sounds like progress! Onwards and upwards the ladder we go :)

  4. My favorite: the moose muffler :)

  5. i love the moose muffler too. and not only because it reminds me of my dog we sometimes call MOOSIE!!!
    and youuulookMAHVELOUS! :-D

  6. love the muffler moose. smile.

  7. Congrats and the photo gig. I know you'll do a great job cuz your pics are always so fabulous on your blog.

    LOVE the new left sidebar. Nice job Anne.

    It's been a wild ride for you this year but don't forget how much you've accomplished and that you've got a posse of bloggers watching your back, especially this one.

    Keep up the good work and xoxo from NYC, jj

  8. Taking picture for a magazine sounds fun. Good luck!

  9. Having a friend to have a good talk with is what we all need. Glad you have someone to share your feelings with.

  10. Thanks, ya'll!
    And "y'all!"
    I feel like I am faltering, actually....
    Must be lack of food, and sleep...
    Work was really hard today, if anyone wants to know.
    Hospice isn't always "puppies and kitties"
    And butterflies and rainbows.
    I actually cried when I got in the car!
    But not from work, itself.... just too much!

  11. I totally see you in the virtual

    (((hugs))) sorry you had a bad bad, lady you are an Angel for the work you do :)

  12. Thanks -
    Some nurses were "fighting" and I don't want to fight any more.
    So I made up with everyone. Even though I was right....
    The stress gave me a super migrane!
    Cured only by mass amounts of Monster LoCarb Energy Drink!

  13. picture moose muffler
    as chairman of the team
    in your mind
    when nurses are fighting

  14. PBird - Right!
    He would talk with a silly Bullwinkle voice and say simply:
    OK - all you squirrels - cut it out!
    Or maybe : Can't we all just get along!?


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