01 October 2010

water - distilled and fizzy

water distiller

This random bit of silliness and info on
how I make distilled water.
Since someone asked.
With a Kenmore Water Distiller and Purifier.
Not sure they make them anymore;
Can't find it on the site to link to it.
But several other companies do -
Mine has been in daily service for 7 years or so....

soda stream

Yet another ridiculous video by me.
Innocent enough; just being silly, as usual.
The cylinder is Carbon Dioxide.
That's how they make carbonated drinks.
Again - cuz someone asked.
A co-worker said that a certain patient was "as big as you or me."
And I was beside myself thinking "What did that mean?"
As big as what? As big as me? What?

Ah... all this nose tweaking.
All I want is sleep. Sleepy sleep.
Peace and sleep. 

And maybe this salad.
Autumn leaves - optional.


  1. I see a second career as a spokesmodel. Nicely done, and informative, too boot. :)

  2. This was fun! And you are getting really good at shooting one handed :)

    Autumn leaves are a nice touch, too.

  3. Hey thanks - it really is all for fun.
    In the depths of my self-doubt and self-hatred and
    accusation I lost this weight - didn't gain more....

    And I look in the mirror to see a person I don't know.
    And don't recognize. But might like. Someday.
    So I'm getting to know myself all over again.
    These silly videos are a benign way to help
    overcome my shyness.... the worst I've ever experienced.

  4. Too funny that my co-worker who just bought a machine to make carbonated water is here tonight when I was watching your video. I really enjoy your videos and so does Marie now :)

  5. so I am curious, have you ever tried to purify store bought bottled water? to see if there is any gunk in that??


  6. YES! to both - the bottled water has very little gunk / residual.
    And yes, I am shy!

  7. You are strong and beautiful and caring. Thanks for being here and sharing yourself with us. You are a person I like! ;-)

  8. I see an infomercial in your future Anne. You're good!
    Hope your weekend is filled with fun plans and some peaceful sleep.
    xoxo, jj

  9. Wow, that brown stuff is interesting...
    I've seen home carbonated water things on late night infomercials, nice to know they really work!
    Great videos!
    That Ken More is QUITE an actor!!! :)

  10. I agree with the other comments - you could be a spokesmodel/infomercial host!

    I don't know.. I've never been a fan of fizzy water!


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