08 October 2010

virtual victuals

Yummy virtual coffee!
Small cup - must be expresso...

Lolli pop, anyone?
Fit for a pixie - or a pixel

A virtual snack
Text - Mex? 
After all, it IS pepper jack cheese!

I once wrote that a patient had a snack. 
But I wrote "snake" by mistake. (oops)

A virtual Monster
NoCarb version

Why tempt fate?
Dazed look - optional
Or was that "glazed?"

Smart Phone to Mac
Protein mix with energy drink
Tonight's "real" food
Angus burger, Brat and Cottage Cheese

Hope you are gearing up for a great week-end!


  1. Real loookin' waaaaaay better than virtual!

  2. Minus some exercise I'm gearing up to be lazy lol. Not sure how those words go together but I plan on making them lol. Hope you have a great weekend too Anne.

  3. Wow! Inside your head must be a very cool place to be!!! Smart phone to Mac? Absolute genius!! ;-) You, my friend, are a breath of fresh air. Smilin' again...thanks Anne!

  4. I love the Smart Phone to Mac...that is too perfect. and I agree you are a genius have a great weekend. take care. oh snack and snake...I think I read that post...lol.

  5. I'd like you to fix me a virtual Chicken Fried Steak from your great State!

  6. Clever photo pouring protein drink.
    Your dinner looks so good.
    I have to drink the real thing, gotta have my coffee.

  7. you can always make me smile Anne


  8. read your sweet comment on JJ's site and of course had to ck out your blog. I'm a carb counter: insulin dependent diabetic. Talk about mixing words up, I read you photo title as "Anus Burger!"

  9. haha, LOVE it!
    and getting water out of that little thing must save a lot of money huh? lol :)

  10. OMG I am hungry now!! lol...

    Phone pics---too funny!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. You are so creative! I love the picture of the phone w/ the liquid pouring out- so cool!

  12. Snake for snack? That isn't Text-Mex, that text-mess, or is that Text-Miss ?

    I wonder, nearer the 31st, are we going to see photos of things associated with wolfing down food? And if it is freeze-dried, is that the same as mummified? Batty, I know ... don't stand a ghost of a chance of that, I'm sure.

    Karyn's comment brought me to chuckles out loud. You ARE creative, Anne!! I so enjoy it too!!


  13. Very cool! Thanks for becoming a follower to my blog.

  14. For what it's worth: I've found Blackberries to be more delicious than IPhones. Just saying.

    Hope your weekend is as much fun as that photo collection was to view!

    Take good care, my friend!

  15. Wow, Anne, I saw how expensive the Monster drinks are at the store and from miles and miles away, I thought about you. I was reading an article in the local paper that someone was addicted to them, drinking ten a day...that would put you in the poor house, eh? (I said eh just for you).


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