28 October 2010

skelly cooks

Cooking With Skelly
The Literal (and psycho) Version
YouTube Video
Skelly and I are both learning as we go along!

I keep finding files and jpegs.
Redone now, on the Mac.
I make a cameo appearance in this one -
I might have been 38ish...
I weigh now less than I weighed then. At the time
I thought I would never cross 150 pounds.
And never ever ever in a million fat years 200!
Or more. Go figure.

So today I ate.
Even a baby-sized slice of carrot cake.
It was good!
I usually only have the protein shakes when I do shift work.
Most of the time, I don't have access to a fridge or microwave.
So I go "commando style" with just the mixes.
And this week I had 4 or 5 shifts - so very little carbs.

Sometimes I average my carb intake by the week -
Not just by the day... does metabolism go in larger cycles?
Only when you are metabolising! (So... yes!)

Errands day today. Trucky inspection, and updates all around.
Went to Firestone for 4 new tires. When I walked in,
they were playing the opera scene from Philadelphia.
La Mamma Morta by Maria Callas...
Now I know for sure I am dreaming!

*This just in*
The guy at the desk, at the tire place.
Asked him how he is doin'.
His response? And I quote:
"Living the dream!"

All week it's been nothing but opera showing up.
Johnny Schicchi - O Mio Babbino Caro
(or truck-o as the case may be)
Wagner, Puccini, all opera, all the time.
Hope your week is awesome - Diva Style!


  1. Most days if Im feeling low-key I switch between 3 stations on my XM radio on the car: symphony, pops or met opera...so relaxing!
    Skelly Rulez!

  2. We had to take our truck in, thought the bill was going to be through the roof BUT it wasn't!! So Nice!! I think the whole shi-bang was under $40!! YES!

  3. You should name the storage folders of all things Skelly-related "The X-files."

    So, you were listening to opera at the car inspection shop? Did you ask the "living the dream" guy, "Aria 'bout done?"

    I've got 10s of 'em ...

    Luckily, for you, I have decided to spare you.

  4. Poor Trucky! So exposed up high in the air. No shoes on and her mouth wide open. Thank goodness her tailgate was up.

  5. Trucky's bill was a bit more than that -
    4 new tires.... but as much as i drive -

    And the X -files - that's why I'm cleaning out my computer files!
    To get rid of the "ex" factor!

  6. touch me
    the magic
    computer clean up


  7. Woo-hoo! I LOVE the videos!!! The music is perfect and the captions priceless. I think you have a second calling Anne!
    Happy day! xo jj

  8. Opera at Firestone? I'm impressed! :)

  9. LOVE your Skelly videos, you are so creative!
    Also the phone pics, you must have a nice phone :)

    That picture of the cat pumpkin? I might steal that idea for mine...

    Nice grey cat :) Looks just like one of mine, and such a great idea to have one to cheer people up :)

    Great posts! You always make me smile!

  10. Cali - thanks for the IM - I made this in like 2001... when I did Pediatric Nursing...
    it was great fun. I made a video of it like - right now :D


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