10 October 2010

a line in the sand...wich....

The skin came off my patient last week.
My problems are small by comparison.

It's all fun and games till somebody gets hurt!
Party Girls On The Go! My ride is here.... gotta go...

Barking and purring

Roadside pumpkin patches -
[Jour de l'Action de grĂ¢ce]

Nameste for sale
Soul clean-up.... aisle 1 please

A good day for a fast.... feels sooooo slow

Even my name tag gets a facelift this week 

A day off for errent errands... then back to work.
Getting ready for the big hospice symposium!

It's time. I jumped back into work.
Full on!

And blogging basics. And life basics.
Already went back to LoCarb remediation.

That part, surprisingly, has hardly never fluctuated.
There's a range of 140 - 145 ish.
I briefly touched on 138, but that was in my RedLine phase.
That seems like a lifetime ago! (It was!)

The weight-loss is not always linear. 
The one part of my life I didn't plan for (diet)
is the most stable part! Hmmm. Coincidence?

Drawing a line in the sand...
Or the sandwich, as the case may be.
Losing all this weight is like major cosmic surgery -
I myself still do a double take when I see a mirror!
Water water water and protein today 
And coffee... Fasting or no fasting - there will be joe!
9,000+ steps - and then some

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
Be well!


  1. "Soul clean-up.... aisle 1 please..." That sounds like the perfect pitch line for a movie!

    Sounds like lots going on Anne, all good. Have a great week!
    xo jj

  2. Film at 11:00!
    Busy week indeed.
    Getting all my quack-quacks in a row!

  3. Major cosmic surgery. Good line. You are doing the driving not a doctor as in cosmetic surgery.

  4. Line in the sandwich, I like it, makes me smile lol.

  5. A new look; the page feels softer with the butterscotch background. I feel like all your ducks walk a very straight line...well maybe the one on the end is a bit rascally. So I'm not sure what you mean by going back to the basics. But it sounds like you are clear in what direction you are taking next and that is always a grand feeling.

    Are you going to see Secretariat? I really enjoyed the movie and was lifted by the focus and determination of both man and animal.

    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy 10-10-10

  6. I like the new look - and seeing your before and after pictures on the sidebar is very inspiring!

  7. ditto Shelley

    have a great day Anne :)

  8. Pssst.... Wanna hear a song?
    Return to Slender - address unknown -
    No such fatty - no such Zone!
    *Thank you! Thank-you-verr-much!*

  9. hey! i haven't been here in too, long! but i see that fabulous things are happening! congrats, a!

  10. Sorry about your patient....happy for you. You sound and look wonderful.....:-) Hugs

  11. I'm liking the new blog page, too, including those amazing fore n aft pics.

    I'm sorry about your patient, I'm sure that was hard.


  12. I love the new blog look... and you look bloody fantastic.

  13. It's hard to shake the mental image we have of ourselves when we were larger. You are looking great!

  14. Party Girls On The Go! haha...love that one, and oh how id love to see (and will see!!) those numbers on MY scale.
    Sorry to hear about the patient, i cannot imagine...

  15. Sorry to hear about your patient. :(

    Your progress pictures are amazing. I can't wait to see that number on my scale!


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