03 October 2010

country day

It's always something, right?

Have you seen the Muffler Man?

Don't fall for it - it's just a lure!

"Oh, Wilber!"

Ready for bed - as it were

They are talking about a dog, I think.

A great big plate of nothing today
Although I did have a protein shake 
and some raw milk coffee - a "sorta" fast

An Estate Sale find

I usually don't buy trinkets, but this piece "spoke" to me.
Feeding the appetite. In such a loving way.

I have a different weekend job these days.
I finally feel well enough to pick up some extra shifts.
And not sit around all day scanning the horizon. 
And plotting against myself. 
At least I kept my weight loss as a priority. 
I still only want peace. I finally got some sleep!

Hope your weekend is going well.
The cooler weather is a nice change.

Enjoy it!


  1. Interesting how we view each other. To those of us looking at you it seems like you have it all together. You look healthy and glowing and full of energy. You have a sense of humor and a caring heart.

  2. Yep that's me, alright!
    Thanks TechnoBabe!
    I finally do feel much better.
    Much more like my "old" self (but not old per se!)
    Picking up a few weekend shifts is a good sign.
    Onward and downward!

  3. Extra weekend shifts come in handy this time of year. Just don't make the weekends all work and no play, Anne! You have to leave enough free time to squeeze in some belly dancing workouts!

  4. I hope everything is going ok. If you're missing your peace- I hope you find it. It's there, you just have to search for it. :)

  5. I'm not missing it as much as
    I've decided now, that peace is all I want.

  6. {{{Anne}}} you are not alone on that one. Fall is the time for slowing down. Sleep is a sure sign that you have attained some inner peace.

    p.s. Love the trincket too.

  7. Peas, I hate them little green bastards...

  8. I am soo ready to go back to work, a week of a "nothing" vacation was relaxing but it is time, I can so relate to the plotting against myself comment

  9. Thank you Anne for putting things in perspective on my blog:)

  10. I love the estate sale find too, unusual and old (two of my favorite adjectives for most everything). Glad to hear you're feeling better and picking up extra shifts here and there but I second Ann's comment---make sure you have enough free time to do the fun stuff, we all need that!!!

  11. Love Wilber
    Love your estate sale find
    Love that you're feeling better

    Love the dog sign and hope she's found
    Love the daisy and muffler man
    Love the cooler weather

    Love loving today

  12. I laughed my head off at the "Have you seen the Muffler Man." Totally struck my funny bone today. Your estate sale find is adorable. I only buy things that speak to me too. Very cute.

  13. Hahaha! I liked the dog/blonde sign. I was beginning to wonder if they found a woman with her dog!

  14. So tell me... what have you totally cut from your diet to get the weight off?
    Is your diet totally carb free? or just processed carbs, starchy veges etc?
    I lost a bit doing 'no carbs'... but fell off the wagon AGAIN.
    I think going 'no carbs' is the way... but it is very restrictive.... some tips would be great!
    stewandchris@hotmail.com ...if you feel inclined to share.

  15. I love that dog notice. An "old little girl", very smart and minds well. So sweet. I think the finder is falling for her and the old little girl has found a new home.

  16. Have you seen the muffler man?

    You are too much!


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