13 December 2010

LoCarb wonderland

In Lane Bryant the clothes are glistenin'
Women's pants, the thighs are whistlin'
A beautiful sight, we're losing it right
Walking in a LoCarb Wonderland!

Gone away are the cravings,
In da street, the folks are raving,
A beautiful sight, our clothes aren't too tight,
Walking in a LoCarb Wonderland!

In the morning we can plan a menu
And contend it might just be the plan
And ya know, it might just be the venue
When you realize you're back in One-derland!

Later on, while we're eating
All the stuff - LoCarb treating,
We'll cook, unafraid, the catch -of- the day
Walking 'round in LoCarb Wonderland!
Hope your day is truly wonderful!


  1. Terrific I love it!! And love the photos too - thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ha ha ha ... been listening to Christmas music on Pandora yesterday and today... Walkin in a winter wonderland is on my mind. :-)


  3. had to sing it out loud
    it do bring out
    the Christmas spirit!

  4. I'm just on my way to walk in a freezing messy winter wonderland :)

  5. So pretty. Love all the pics and now that song will be stuck in my head all day. LOL You are too clever.

  6. You would taunt the Nutcracker!

    I'm stuck in wanderland and its not so pretty.
    I'll guess I better choose again.

    The tune is catchy :)

  7. I spent some time in Lane Bryant yesterday. Big girls were out in force picking up clothes for the holidays. I waited in line for a dressing room. I waited in line for over an hour to pay for my choices. I can't wait to wear them today to work. New pants, new sweaters. BOGO sweaters!

    Planning my menu today :)

  8. Beautiful ornaments! watch out for the hungry nutcracker!

  9. "The thighs are whistling" was worth the whole post. You are hilarious!

  10. Hi Anne! So I was coming over to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and I was going to tell you that I read you but haven't started following yet (which I am about to do in 2.5 seconds) but then I realized I don't think I have been to your blog so I'm not sure who I thought you were, lol!

    Ooh, I can't emphasize enough about how much I adore your ornaments and the jingle ;)

    BTW, I added a followers box on my page just for you :)

  11. Okay, THAT was good. And it is copyrighted to you, so if anyone uses it - royalties to Anne!

    Ah, the creative process ...

  12. lol whistling thighs - mine needed some whipping today. Thank you pilates women for the much needed thrashing and sweating. Aren't they fab? I'll feel it later, but it'll make me happy.

  13. Annie - he was asking for it!


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